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Brown Zebra Jasper


Brown Zebra Jasper has some amazing patterns, but its properties might somehow be even cooler...

Quick Look:

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    Root and Sacral Chakra

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    Brown with bands of creamy white stone

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    Raw stone is heavy and grainy, the tumbled stone has a smooth glassy surface.

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    1 / 10 Rarity

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    Discovered in Used as ornamental stone in Western Australia for hundreds of years

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    Mined in Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Russia, Uruguay, and the USA

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    Chinese name: 咖啡斑紋碧玉

General Care for a Bloodstone

Unlike some crystals that are soft and easily damaged, like Gypsum, Brown Zebra Jasper won't sratch easily.

It's not the hardest stone in the world, getting just an average 6.5 - 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness.


Because it's average and not super hard we recommend you don't mix this stone in a box or bag with other crystals.

It can scratch your other crystals, and it might get scratched by hard crystals like Topaz.

Why does my Jasper crystal look dull?

If you haven't cared for your tumbled crystal in awhile, it probably looks a bit dull and dark.

The totally scientific reason for that is because it's sad you haven't cared for it in a long time.

Oh, and because could use a good cleaning.

If it's just dust then a gentle wipe down with a clean cloth or brush is all it takes to restore its shine.

Otherwise, it's bath time!

How To Clean Brown Zebra Crystal

One trick we love for shining crystals is a vinegar bath. This helps get rid of any calcium carbonite that's collected on the surface.

But remember that this should only be done to crystals that aren't sensitive to chemicals!

And good news... Brown Zebra Jasper doesn't mind taking a vinegar bath.

Jasper passes the mineral acid test and isn't very sensitive to acidic compounds

If you've got some raw Brown Zebra Jasper, you'll want to be gentle when you're cleaning. In the crystal's natural form, the gritty stone can be easily damaged and chipped.

Now if you've got polished and tumbled crystal, they scrub away!

After all, it's already survived being banged around for hours to get into it's tumbled form.

It can handle a some tough cleaning and weak acidic chemicals.

No need to buy any special products, just some warm water and soap.

Will Brown Zebra Jasper Fade?

Your Brown Zebra gemstome is almost certainly a combination of brown and white bands.

I mean, that's where the name comes from afterall.

If the stone's brown color fades then you'd just be left with a white stone.

Ooooh. A new stone!

Albino Zebra Jasper!

Of course, good luck convincing anyone it's not just a regular driveway stone.

But don't worry, the brown bands won't fade unless heated to crazy high temperatures.

So realistically, it doesn't fade at all.

No need to worry about taking your stone out into the sunlight!

How to Charge A Brown Zebra Jasper

There are a few different ways to charge crystals.

  • You can charge crystals with salt.

  • You can charge em with moonlight.

  • You can charge them with sunlight

But! You'll want to charge crystals based on their Chakra.

And since Brown Zebra Jasper resonates with the our Root and Sacral Chakras, we'll want use Mother Earth to charge this crystal.

Charging your Bloodstone is as simple as placing it on a selenite charging plate or letting it bathe in direct moonlight for several hours.

This stone also responds to being buried in salt for 24 hours.

Or even better, buried in Mother Earth for 24 hours!

If you want to avoid an extra physical cleaning session, be sure to use a cloth bag or natural covering to prevent salt from falling into your stone's cracks. Otherwise, just give your stone a quick wash once it's charged!

Check If Your Brown Zebra Is Real

If you find a fake Brown Zebra Jasper, please send us an email! It would be super interesting to see.

Despite this stone having some amazing metaphysical properties, it's not a super rare or pricey stone.

The effort and time to make a fake one would cost much more than someone could sell it for.

If someone really wanted to make a fake version, they'd likely use a resin.

Or just take some gravel and add some painted strips.

Bottom line, it's not happening.

What Is Brown Zebra Jasper Good For?

What Does Zebra Stone do Spiritually?

Brown Zebra Jasper chakra is that of the Root and Sacral Chakra.

Most stones that help balance the Root Chakra are going to be concerned with our most primal feelings.

Our primal sense of safety, our physical strength, preservation, endurance, and our sense of calmed grounding.

The root chakra is our main foundation and has a huge impact on our emotional, spiritual, and physical body.

- Psychologically

It is particularly useful for alleviating geopathic and environmental stress. It facilitates deep meditation, centering, and regression to past lives, revealing karmic causes.

Those practicing with the stone say it improves night vision, and encourages astral travel.

- Mentally

This stone keeps up from spiraling too far in either direction, that's the advantage of a grounding stone.

You're unlikely to hit the lowest lows of anxiety and depression when this stone is nearby.

- Emotionally

Brown Zebra crystals help eliminate apathy, and provides the focus to see things through and find solutions to our problems.

It's most helpful in cases of depression and anxiety because it keeps us grounded. Helping us live in the now and appreciation the small joys of life.

Physical Properties

Brown Zebra Jasper belongs to the cryptocrystalline variety of the Quartz mineral family.

Yep! Another Quartz!

This is just one of the many, many varieties of Jasper.

This variety is of course brown, but there's also blue, green, red, purple, yellow, and black.

These stones don't fade, as evidence by the samples from ancient Egypt.


This gemstone is a lot of things but ultra-rare is not one of them.

You can find pieces that are twice the size of guitar picks for around ~2 dollars.

Pretty cheap as far as crystals go.

Plus these stones have been found all over the world so you should have no problem finding and buying this stone no matter where you live.

Brown Zebra Jasper is a great crystal for beginners looking to start their collection and for long time collectors to add variety.

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