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April 26, 2022

All Types Of Aura Quartz

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There are SO many types of Aura Quartz! Come take a look at their colors, healing properties, and more!

Auqa Aura

Raw Auqa Aura Quartz

Auqa Aura Raw
Etsy: @MileHighBeads

Tumbled Auqa Aura Quartz

Auqa Aura Tumbled
Etsy: @NewMoonBeginnings

Aqua Aura helps strengthen your Throat Chakra to help free you from self-imposed limitations. The energy within Aqua Aura Quartz resonates especially well with the throat where it encourages honest communication from the heart.

By speaking truth you are getting rid of negativity packed away in subtle energetic bodies. As express your soul energy without resistance, you'll naturally be able to fulfill your highest potential.

An Auqa Aura necklance is the most appropriate piece of Aura Aura jewelry as it places the crystal right next to your Throat Chakra.

Opal Aura

Raw Opal Aura Quartz

Opal Aura Raw
Etsy: @MysticCrystalCoAU

Tumbled Opal Aura Quartz

Opal Aura Tumbled
Etsy: @GetYourCrystal

The platinum that's bonded to Quartz is where Opal Aura gets it's light rainbow color from. And just like how a rainbow in the sky inspires joy, Opal Aura Quartz is a gem of hope and optimism.

Because of its rainbow color, Opal Aura purifies and balances all 7 chakras and helps coat the light body into our physical bodies. Bringing us into a state of total union with the divine.

There are so many choices for Opal Aura jewelry! Because it resonates with all the Chakras, you can wear it anywhere. Opal Aura bracelets, necklaces, rings, and even anklets are great options!

Rainbow Aura

Raw Rainbow Aura Quartz

Rainbow Aura Raw
Etsy: @CrystalsGemsMinerals

Tumbled Rainbow Aura Quartz

Rainbow Aura Raw
Etsy: @GiftsofNatura

While the Opal Aura variety produces a pale rainbow color, the Rainbow Aura's color is anything but pale!

Formed through the bonding of gold AND titanium onto clear Quartz, the rainbow color from this gemstone is bright!

This gem clears a path for your life force to manifest through our bodies by activating all the energy centers in our body -- pulling in high energy and passion for life.

Rainbow Aura Quartz is most suited for those moving on from dysfunctional relationships. It helps dissolve negative emotions and release karmic ties .

What's your favorite kind of jewelry to wear? You can add a piece of Rainbow Aura to it! We love Rainbow Aura earrings, but it looks great in a necklace or on a ring too!

Rose Aura

Raw Rose Aura Quartz

Rose Aura Raw
Etsy: @asunshinesmile

Tumbled Rose Aura Quartz

Rose Aura Raw
Etsy: @elfkendalhippies

By bonding platinum to plain Quartz we get a crystal that produces a dynamic energy that imbues the whole body with love. This energy resonates well with both Crown Chakra and Heart Chakra.

Working with these two chakras helps transforms deeply held doubts about one's self-worth.

Rose Aura Quartz gives us the gift of unconditional love of the self and connection to universal love. Not too unlike Rose plants...must just be another one of those funny coincidences...

Hey, are tiaras back in style yet?



Then in the meantime we'd recommend wearing a Rose Aura necklace to take advantage of this crystal's healing properties. Getting a crystal close to the Crown Chakra isn't the easiest task.

Ruby Aura

Raw Ruby Aura Quartz

Ruby Aura Raw
Etsy: @ThrowinStones

Tumbled Ruby Aura Quartz

Ruby Aura Raw
Etsy: @MysticEnergyCrystals

If you love red as much as I do, you might have just found a new favorite stone for your Root Chakra!

This section is the most unbiased. Definitely.

Oh, and Ruby Aura Quartz definitely has the most beautiful color of any stone in this list.

And its formed by bonding Clear Quartz with royal metals (gold and silver).

How cool is that??

Totally not biased though.

Ruby Aura protects against aggression and violence. It cleanses the base chakra of old survival issues and abuse.

It's spiritually uplifting, helping us open up to Divine consciousness.

We really enjoy carry around a Ruby Aura palm stone in our pockets. Not only is it calming to hold, it's also the only convenient way to keep it close to the Root Chakra!

Sunshine Aura

Raw Sunshine Aura Quartz

Sunshine Aura Raw
Etsy: @ThrowinStones

Tumbled Sunshine Aura Quartz

Sunshine Aura Raw
Etsy: @crystalgemstoneshop

Sunshine Aura is a garish yellow crystal formed from gold and platinum.

Its energies are powerful and extremely active.

It activates and cleanses the solar plexus, releasing old emotional trauma and hurt.

At a spiritual level, Sunshine Aura Quartz is expansive and protective.

Physically, it helps relieve constipation on all levels and release toxins.

Because this gemstone stimulates the Solar Plexus, it only makes sense to wear it as a Sunshine Aura Necklace!

Siberian Blue

Raw Siberian Blue Quartz

Siberian Blue Raw
Etsy: @ConnectCo

Tumbled Siberian Blue Quartz

Siberian Blue Raw
Etsy: @AquaAuraUniverse

This variety is a brilliant blue crystal created by bonding with cobalt. It's not technically a natural crystal, as it is regrown in a laboratory.

Siberian Blue Quartz activates both the third eye and throat chakras, stimulating empathy and enhancing communication.

This crystal helps you speak your truth and be heard.

In this way, Siberian Blue Quartz serves as a powerful antidepressant -- lifting the spirit and bringing deep peace.

Pairing it with deep meditation may lead to intense visionary experiences. As it resonates with our third eye we are connected to cosmic consciousness.

While many choose to go with a Siberian Blue necklace, we actually prefer wearing this crystal in earrings. Not only does the blue really standout, it's also located right between the throat and third eye chakras.

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