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August 10, 2022

Crystals for Jealousy

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It is essential to guard and protect yourself from the spiritual attacks of jealousy and envy that will lower your vibrational energy...

How Do You Protect Yourself From Envy and Jealousy?

You can perform routine spiritual cleaning to cleanse yourself from any harmful or unwanted energy.

Still, it is imperative to also be protected from these energies. You can spiritually safeguard yourself through spells, rituals, and talismans.

A few types of amulets work to keep harmful or jealous energy away from you.

Talismans can come in the form of necklaces, bracelets, or even rings.

Some can be adorned with the symbol of the evil eye, which works to repel negative energies. The primary purpose of the evil eye symbol is to misdirect the malevolent gaze.

Apart from wearing an evil eye talisman, you may hang one in your home to protect your living environment.

Another symbol that has the power to disrupt evil or negative energy is the cross which can be used to split the negative energy.

There are also hook talismans used to destroy the power of any negative energy sent your way.

Other amulets utilize luck to stop evil energy with symbols like horseshoes, elephants, clovers, or images of saint Michael.

Another lucky symbol to rid yourself of the negative eye is the peony seed which can be made into bracelets to protect your spiritual energy.

Additional protection can be found through the use of gestures and verbal charms.

Some use the phrase ‘contra’ or touch wood to protect against evil misfortune.

This is where certain rituals such as ‘knock on wood’ originated and developed.

How To Help Overcome Your Own Jealousy

Jealousy is a negative emotion that can be a potential block on your path toward spiritual growth.

There are a few valuable ways to work towards overcoming any jealous thoughts that may arise. Whenever you feel that jealous twinge that shoots through your body, it is essential to pause and try to identify the source of your jealousy.

The emotion of jealousy stems from feelings of fear or insecurity.

The feelings are low vibrational energy and keep you from attaining the highest version of yourself.

If you can identify where your jealousy arises from then, you will be able to confront the problem and work through it.

One way to work through your jealousy is to spin the negative emotion positively.

Jealousy can be an indicator representing a lack between what you have and what you want.

In this instance, you can utilize your jealous feelings to create circumstances where your needs are fulfilled.

What Crystal Helps With Emotions?

Rose Quartz

Soft pink rose quartz is a powerful stone to utilize for your emotional healing. It supports gentle and harmonious healing from traumatic or stressful events in your life.

Rose quartz is adept at releasing negative energy and emotions and restoring your emotional balance.

On your healing journey, rose quartz will be a supportive and compassionate guide towards emotional healing.

Clear Quartz

The clear quartz crystal is considered a master stone with immense healing power.

As you work to process your emotions, clear quartz will offer mental clarity and calmness to aid in emotional healing.

Smoky Quartz

It is easy to become overwhelmed while dealing with emotional healing from abuse and trauma.

Smoky quartz can assist with the release of bad habits or negative patterns that are no longer beneficial to your higher vibrational state.

A smoky quartz crystal can aid in the release of emotional blockages as well as stress.

What Crystals Strengthen Relationships?

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a blue crystal known as the stone of communication.

It also has been used to honor Venus, the roman goddess of love, since it can be utilized to fortify and enhance your relationships.

Strong relationships develop from deep communication and active listening. Both of these areas are enhanced by the crystal lapis lazuli.


Sky blue turquoise is an excellent stone to help build a better and stronger relationship.

It is a crystal that allows for a stronger relationship through acts of collaboration and acceptance of one another.

Turquoise will keep the environment calm and understanding whenever trouble arises.

Yellow Jasper

The bright amber-colored stone of yellow jasper is about coming together and strengthening relationships.

Yellow jasper is an excellent stone to incorporate more honesty and the ability to solve problems together.

This crystal will help you make better decisions for yourself and your relationships.

What Crystals Represent Trust?

Blue Lace Agate

This crystal is referred to as the stone of loyalty which works best for building trust and strengthening relationships.

Blue lace agate offers calming qualities to your environment that helps foster a supportive energy encouraging trust.

Blue Chalcedony

Trust can serve to be maintained in a relationship with the proper listening and communication skills.

Blue Chalcedony is a crystal that improves communication in your relationship as well as provides emotional harmony.

Traditional Ways to Ward off Jealousy

Unfortunately, jealousy can arise in many areas of your life, but fortunately, you can work through jealousy and overcome it.

You just as easily can ward off any unwanted jealousy thrown your way. One of the best ways to deal with jealousy is to communicate with a friend or your partner.

It is crucial to speak with someone you trust in order to process these jealous feelings.

Once you identify these feelings, you can figure out how to change your life and avoid these jealous feelings in the future.

Additionally, when you embrace your authenticity and live your life fully, you no longer look toward others for comparison.

It is vital that you take care of your mind, body, and spirit to avoid falling into the pitfalls of jealousy.

Embrace Your Own Life

Identifying the source of any jealousy you possess and working through these issues is essential.

You can enlist help from various crystals to encourage the release of jealousy and protection from it.

Protection from jealousy can also be attained through amulets, charms, and gestures to misdirect the evil eye.

Use the crystals from to help remove this shade of green from your life!

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