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September 11, 2022

Crystals for Yoga

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Yoga is a personal journey with no winners or losers. It is about connecting with your inner self as you develop balance and flexibility at your own pace. Crystals might just be the thing to help you do that...

What Crystals Are Good for Yoga?

Yoga is a mental and physical practice that can help increase strength, balance, and flexibility in your body, mind, and spirit.

As you begin to seriously practice yoga more frequently, you will notice the added benefits of incorporating crystals in your application.

The increased power of your yoga practice and meditations will be exhibited by adding crystals.


Amethyst Crystal Doing Yoga

Amethyst Crystal Doing Yoga

Purple and powerful amethyst is a crystal to use to achieve inner harmony and relieve your body of any stress.

Amethyst can aid in the development of yoga benefits of strength and balance.

Additionally, you can use amethyst to rid yourself of any intrusive and negative thoughts.


Citrine Crystal Doing Yoga

Citrine Crystal Doing Yoga

Vibrant and empowering citrine comes in a yellow hue offering positivity and creative energies.

You should consider using citrine if you are working towards a specific yoga goal and would like some assistance.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz On A Yoga Mat

Rose Quartz On A Mat

The soft pink appearance of the rose quartz crystal inspires feelings of love and tranquility.

Rose quartz is a perfect crystal to incorporate into your yoga practice if you seek to increase feelings of self-love.

This crystal can encourage you to connect more deeply with your inner and most authentic self.


If you struggle with balance in your yoga practice, you may want to utilize Hematite.

This metallic gray crystal contains powerful energy that can guide you through your yoga poses and achieve successful balancing techniques.


Flourite Crystal Bird

Flourite Crystal Bird

Multi-colored fluorite is exceptional at providing mental clarity and promoting positive energy within a space.

Fluorite is beneficial in yoga practice if you are feeling restless and need to center your mind and spirit.

Traditional Solutions to Help Focus During Yoga

The ability to stay present and mindful during your practice will only increase yoga's overall mind and body benefits.

You must focus on the here and now of your practice to improve your yoga poses' balance and deepness.

Traditionally you can achieve such focus by staying aware and setting an intention for your current practice.

An affirmation or mantra can become a chant to utilize as a focal point to keep your mind from wandering.

Additionally, you may try to use grounding techniques where you center yourself through the feeling of your feet with the ground.

This practice helps you stay present as it distracts you from your mind's meandering thoughts. Never allow comparing yourself with others to become a distraction in your mind.

Remember to focus on your breaths, as deep breathing will also offer a means to direct your focus on your yoga practice.

Lastly, whenever a pose allows, close your eyes and go within yourself.

As you direct your attention to your inner sensations during a pose, you will notice places where tensions are held.

You may then focus on softening or releasing any tensions as you progress throughout the yoga pose.

What Is Crystal Therapy Yoga Class?

Crystal therapy yoga is a practice that combines the beneficial attributes of crystals with the holds and poses of yoga.

This type of yoga utilizes crystals to assist with balancing chakras, the release of stagnant energy or trauma within the body, and further the connection within your inner self.

What Crystal Helps With Flexibility?


Amethyst is quite a powerful crystal to incorporate into your daily life and practice.

Its many benefits of relieving stress and anxiety alone make it an excellent crystal to add to your collection.

Amethyst encourages physical flexibility along with adaptability of the mind and spirit during difficult situations.

It can foster inner peace as it works to stabilize and bring balance to your inner thoughts and emotions.

What Crystals Help With Being Present?


The violet-colored charoite crystal can help you accept the current moment as it is and find the positive benefits of being present.

Charoite works to alter your perspective of people and everyday situations. It will help you accept yourself and others for who they are and nothing more or less.

Charoite enables you to realize the things you cannot change as you live a life free of expectations and demands.


The banded rock formation of agate works to align your mind, body, and spirit.

You can benefit from agate since it will remove any internal or external negative discord.

The crystal agate encourages mindfulness and staying present to connect with the inner self and develop heightened awareness.

What Crystals Are Good For Vitality?

Green Aventurine

This soothing and stabilizing crystal offers a deep jade color appearance.

Green tourmaline can boost your body's spiritual courage and provide physical vitality.


Onyx is a grounding and banded crystal that will help you focus and direct your energy toward your specific goals or desires.

This stone will work to dispel any fears and root you in your growing spiritual beliefs.

Onyx can also rebuild your vitality and stamina after an illness or injury.

How To Use Crystals In Your Yoga Practice

Using crystals in your daily yoga is widely encouraged as it can garner more incredible energy and power from yoga and meditation practices.

Before you begin, it is vital to clear or cleanse your crystals' energy before working with them. You can use your crystals to solidify your intention from your current yoga practice.

One effortless way to incorporate crystals is to wear them on your person as a necklace, ring, or bracelet.

If you have actual stones, you may hold them in your hand for a specific yoga pose.

Additionally, you may place crystals on your body, especially during savasana, as a means to incorporate your stones.

You may place corresponding crystals on areas of the body that you wish to offer greater clarity, vitality, or balance.


The practice of crystals and yoga go hand in hand as each benefits and enhances the other.

Crystals, just like yoga, serve to empower the mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you seek spiritual or physical balance, the incorporation of crystal within your yoga practice only offers an increased understanding of the self and your surroundings.

You will be able to find inner enlightenment and discover your true self through the aid of crystals in yoga.

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