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Dravite is an earthy crystal with grounding qualities. It acts on the Root Chakra and has properties like...

Quick Look:

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    Root Chakra

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    Different hues of brown, tan, and even light red

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    Long striated hexagonal columns of smooth crystal.

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    5 / 10 Rarity

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    Discovered in Discovered in 1884 in what is modern day Slovenia

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    Mined in Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil, Italy, Sri Lanka, United States, Western Australia

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    Chinese name: 鎂電氣石

General Care for a Dravite Stone

While Dravite is a rank 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, that doesn't mean it's tougher than all your other crystals.

Unless you want scratches, we recommend you keep from throwing this gemstone in a box or bag with others.

If you haven't cared for tumbled Dravite in a long time, it may look a bit dull.

That's because it's sad you haven't held it in a long time.

Oh, and because it needs to be cleaned.

How To Clean Your Dravite Crystal

Good news! Your this stone doesn't mind baths!

One trick we like to shine crystals is a vinegar bath. This helps remove calcium carbonite.

You should only do this on crystals that aren't sensitive to chemicals though,

There are some gemstones that react negatively to light acids, like Pyrite.

But not this one!

But how do you give Dravite a vinegar bath?

Just follow these easy steps:

  • Fill your favorite bowl with warm vinegar or even lemon juice.
  • Let your stone relax in the acid bath for an hour.
  • Using a clean, soft toothbrush, gently scrub the rock...GENTLY!
  • Give the stone a rinse under warm water and let it dry.

Will My Dravite Fade?

Your Dravite likely already has a very light brown color to it. If the colors get any lighter you'll be left with a transparent stone!

But don't worry.

Your crystal isn't afraid of the sun.

Dravite is oddly resistant to fading and won't lose color due to sunshine.

Though you might have problems if you leave your Dravite jewelery in your car's dashboard when you go out.

It is actually possible for this gemstone to crack, or even break, when exposed to really high heat.

As is the case for many gemstones.

Wearing it as jewelery in the summer sunshine is no problem, but the "magnifying glass" effect from your dash can be dangerous.

How to Charge Dravite

Charging your raw Dravite or tumbled stone is as simple as letting it return to Mother Earth for 24 hours.

It's no coincedence this stone in brown.

Brown gemstones charge best in the dirt.

Dig into the earth a bit, lay it to rest, and dig up a charge crystal in a few days.

Check If Your Crystal Is Real

If you're buying raw Dravite, then you've got nothing to fear.

Faking any raw crystal is already a very difficult task, but untumbled Dravite?

No way.

Due to Dravite's abundance and affordable price, this gemstone is a not a commonly faked stone.

The only profitable way to fake tumbled Dravite would be to use a piece of really old A&W Root Beer Barrel candy.

Sure, we could break down how to use a Fog Test or Bubble Test to spot fakes.

But we'd just leading you on...

Dravite doesn't get faked.

Dravite Healing Properties

Dravite is an excellent grounding stone, clearing and opening the earth chakra and the grounding cord holding the· physical body in incarnation.

It clears the aura, aligns the etheric body, and protects it by encouraging community spirit and social commitment.

It's great for making you feel comfortable in a large group of people.

This stone helps heals dysfunctional family relationships and strengthens empathy.

Dravite is pragmatic and promotes creativity.

In physical healing, Dravite can help intestinal disorders and skin diseases -- it stimulates regeneration in the whole body.

Physical Properties

This crystal is technically a variety of quartz, putting it in the mineral class of silicates.

It hits a 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness thanks to its near trigonal crystal structure.

It comes in a lot more colors than brown.

No other crystal comes in as many different colors as the tourmalines crystals do.

There are red tourmalines, blue tourmalines, black, and even one called Watermelon-Tourmaline!

What makes Dravite unique is its light brown earthy color combined with a partial transluency.

Like all other crystals in the tourmaline family, this gem is considered pleochroic. Which basically means if look at the crystal on its vertical axis, it will look darker than it would from the side.

But this isn't just because its thicker in one direction.

Sphere Dravite will demonstrate this same quarky property.

Almost all tourmalines have faux "cracks" and "scratches" called inclusions.

You can think of inclusions as a tiny crystal trapped inside a big crystal.

Not only do inclusion make your stone unique, they also help you prove you have real Dravite.


Despite its incredible spiritual grounding properties and appearance, Dravite is not that expensive.

These crystals can be found around $5 per carat.

Of course, the color and quality of the stone will make a big difference.

Larger, more colorful stones can cost around $15 - $20 per carat.

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