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June 02, 2022

Is Sunstone Toxic?

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Although it is Feldspar, Sunstone contains no toxic materials and is completely safe to handle. If someone told you this crystal is toxic, they might have mixed it up with K-Feldspar!

What are toxic minerals?

Toxic minerals are any minerals that cause us harm.

Sometimes this harm is to a single cell, our organs, or even our whole body. Even a little bit of harm makes a material toxic.

Determining if something is toxic is the tricky part.

The most common way is to just check the research unless you want to go rent out a science lab and a textbook.

Or, you check if the mineral is used in jewelry.

Since most people don't like wearing jewelry that hurts them, commonly used gemstones like Sunstone or Quartz are probably safe.

Are gemstones harmful?

Gemstones and minerals are almost the same thing, so they follow similar rules.

Very very few gemstones are harmful to you, and in fact, most are quite helpful!

Sunstone for example, is known to reverse feelings of failure and improve a wearer's confidence.

By encouraging optimism and enthusiasm, Sunstone switches a person's mindset to see events in a positive light.

Even pessimists respond to Sunstone!

Can Sunstone kill you?

Yes, Sunstone can kill you. So can water, and so can the ground.

There's nothing that is so safe that it can't hurt you in some way.

Shoot, even nothing is dangerous when you're in space!

Will wearing a Sunstone necklace or putting it under your pillow when you sleep kill you?

Of course not.

Sunstone is no more dangerous than everyday gravel.

Can Sunstone be dangerous?

While we joked above about Sunstone being just as dangerous as water, there are actually some ways it could hurt you.

Most of these things seem obvious, but you'd be surprised by some of the questions we get!

Don't ground up the crystal

There are lots of studies that show breathing in ground crystal is extremely dangerous.

At best it only slightly irritates your lungs. At worst it can cause your lungs to bleed.

I strongly recommend avoiding ground-up crystal in general. If you must get near it, then you should wear a dust mask to protect yourself.

Careful if it's sharp

You know how people carve crystals into those crystal towers? Well, some people carve them a little too well and the sharp becomes dangerous.

Watch out for the tip or you might end up cutting your skin a bit.

Don't eat it

Again, it's wild the questions we get. But we really can't stress this one enough... do not eat Sunstone. There is no nutritional value. You're not an owl with a gizzard. Don't eat your crystals.

Is Sunstone toxic to dogs

Being around and touching Sunstone is completely safe for animals. But, like humans, no animal should Sunstone.

It's not that it's toxic, because it's not toxic, it's that eating crystals is not good for the body.

We cannot digest rocks and it can cause big problems.

You might even find that your dog is attracted to Sunstone.

Although it's usually our cats that take an interest, we have heard of dogs being found of a particular stone before.

Bottom line, don't worry about having your Sunstone out around your animals. As long as they can't eat it, they'll be fine!

What gems are radioactive?

First things first, you've got nothing to worry about.

The gemstones we're about to talk about a barely more radioactive than a banana.

Essentially, only there are only four gems that you are likely to buy that might be radioactive:

  • Blue Topaz

  • Colored Diamonds

  • Red Tourmaline

  • Smoky Quartz

What is the risk of being exposed to these radioactive gems?

According to laboratory assessment , the risk is extremely low.

Finding radioactive gems in the wild has become almost impossible.

Why make radioactive gems?

There are lots of ways to treat crystals, and artificial irradiation isn't very common.

If we think about why a company would still use artificial irradiation, then there are 3 possible advantages:

  1. It can create a specific stable color. It's not possible for all colors, but might be worthwhile for specific ones.

  2. The cost of treatment is lower than the sale value. Using Gamma or X-rays for treatment isn't that expensive, so as long as the sales price is high then it makes sense financially.

  3. Natural availability of the gem and color should be low and the demand high.

These are the only reasons that make sense to us.

Where can I find my information about crystals?

Thanks for asking! Pop over to our Common Questions page to learn more or check out the articles down below!

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