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Rhyolite is not just the best way to carry a little piece of volcano in your pocket. It also has powerful properties like...

Quick Look:

  • Incredible Art

    Solar Plexus Chakra

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    White, green, brown, light gray, red

  • Incredible Art

    Sandy surface with banded or spotted crystal inclusions

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    2 / 10 Rarity

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    Discovered in Discovered in 1860's Germany by Ferdinand von Richthofen

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    Mined in Produced in Australia, Mexico, United States

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    Chinese name: 流紋岩

General Care for a Rhyolite Stone

Rhyolite is essentialy the equivalent of granite magma. It is composed of quartz, K–feldspar, and biotite...

If these names seem foreign to you, don't worry.

It's just a fancy way of saying it's a volcanic rock.

The parts that make up this stone give it a texture from glassy, grainy, to stony.

If you look at the orientation of the small crystals, they'll show you lava flow which way the lava was flowing when the rock formed.

How To Clean Your Crystal

Figuring out how to clean volcanic rock can be tricky because it depends on how you're using the stone.

If you're using it as a pizza stone or mortar and pestle, then you should avoid using soap.

Not because it will harm the rock directly, but the porous volcanic rock has little holes that will trap the scent and taste of soap.

But you're probably not putting your tumbled Rhyolite in your mouth.


Other than soap, we have another option.


Although it can harm some crystals like a Dolphin Stone, a vinegar or lemon juice bath will clean your volcanic stone.

Follow the steps below, and your tumbled Rhyolite crystal will look new again.

  • Fill your favorite bowl with warm vinegar or lemon juice.
  • Soak your crystal in the acid bath.
  • Using a clean, soft bristle toothbrush, VERY gently scrub the rock.
  • Rinse the stone well under warm water and let dry for at least a day.

Just like soap, vinegar will leave a smell. But a quick warm water bath will get rid of the smell.

Will It Fade?

There are quite a few crystals that will fade when exposed to sunlight.

Amazonite, Aquamarine, and Sodalite are all stones that are sensitive to sunlight.

Birthed from magma, Rhyolite is no stranger to heat. It's very much the opposite of sensitive.

Rhyolite will not fade in sunlight.

Its colors are naturally pretty dark as is, so even if it DID fade it would be hard to notice.

But it won't.

Let your rock bask in the beautiful sunshine!

How to Charge Rhyolite

Charging your Rhyolite stone is as simple as letting it return to Mother Earth for 24 hours.

Dig into the ground a bit, and let it recharge.

We suggest using a cloth bag or a form of natural covering to dirt from falling into your raw Rhyolite's porous surface.

If you're working with a tumbled stone, no need!

Check If Your Crystal Is Real

This is normally the section where we break down how spot fakes.

We usually cover how lead glass is used to fake Zoisite or how resin can be used to make fake stones.

But not this time.

Rhyolite is not getting faked.

It has amazing properties, but it's not expensive or hard to obtain.

It's not worth the effort to produce a fake.

So if you're wondering whether or not you have a real Rhyolite stone ... you do!

Properties of Rhyolite

Forged in nature's furnace, there are lots of ways to use Rhylotie rock.

In the sections below, we'll break down how this stone can be used for mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Rhyolite Healing Properties

Rhyolite ignites the potential and creativity of the soul.

It facilitates change without enforcing it, assists in fulfilling quests, and facilitates knowing from a soul level.

It can access karmic wisdom.

Strengthening soul, body, and mind, Rhyolite is immensely helpful when exploring the full extent of the self.

This stone facilitates a deep state of meditation in which inner and outer journeys may be made.

A useful stone for past-life healing, Rhyolite processes the past and integrates it with the present.

It brings things to a resolution, no matter where the source of difficulties may have been, and actively encourages moving forward.

This is an excellent stone to keep you anchored in the present moment rather than harking back to the past.


Rhyolite enhances self-esteem and self-worth.

It imparts a sense of self-respect and acceptance of your true self.


Rhyolite imparts the strength to deal calmly with challenging life circumstances and brings awareness of one's own strength.


This mineral has a balancing effect, gently facilitating emotional release where this is appropriate.


Rhyolite fortifies the body's natural resistance.

It treats veins, rashes, skin disorders, and infections and improves the absopation of B vitamins. It can dissolve kidney stones and hardened tissue.

As an elixir, Rhyolite gives strength and improves muscle tone.

Physical Properties

You would think that a rock formed from volcanic magma would be extremely hard.

It's not.

The hardness of Rhyolite is only a 6 on Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Making it one of the softest stones you can add to your collection.

Due to how this rich in silicon mineral is formed, it's not strong enough to be used for construction.

Its porous texture comes from being launched out of molten lava into the air. The rock traps air as it solidifies from a 1400 degree liquid into a granite like stone.

Although there are many colors of Rhyolite, the most common versions are white, green, brown, gray, and red Rhyolite.


Despite its incredible properties and origin, Rhyolite is not expensive.

They can be found for as low as $1 per carat. The color and quality of the stone will make a difference though.

Larger, more uniform stones can be pricer at $10 per carat, but you will seldom see this high of a price.

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