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Rose Aura Quartz


Rose Aura Quartz has one of the most gentle pink colors you'll see in a crystal. This pretty pink hue is why it has such loving properties like...

Quick Look:

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    Crown and Heart Chakra

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    From light pink to a dark raspberry with a metallic sheen

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    Long prismatic columns of smooth crystal a glass surface

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    3 / 10 Rarity

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    Discovered in First produced in labs sometime during the 1980s

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    Mined in Made in many countries across the world

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    Chinese name: 玫瑰光環石英

What is Rose Aura Quartz?

We're not here to mislead you. Rose Aura Quartz is just like regular Clear Quartz, but it's been bonded with platinum.

Rose Aura Quartz is not another kind of naturally occuring Quartz crystal.

How crystals are bonded with precious metals is a topic for another article though.

For now, just know that Rose Aura Quartz has slightly different properties than true Clear Quartz because of its added platinum.

While regular quartz resonates well with all 7 chakras, the Rose Aura variety has an affinity for the Crown and Heart chakra.

So this article is going to be very similar to our page on Clear Quartz.

We hope that this disclaimer has helped you understand what Rose Aura Quartz is...

and what it isn't.

And we also hope the article below helps you understand how to take care of it.

General Care for a Rose Aura Quartz

While this kind of quartz scores a 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, that doesn't mean it's tougher than ALL your other crystals.

So unless you want scratches... we recommend you keep this crystal from bumping around with others.

If you haven't cared for a piece of tumbled Rose Aura in a long time, then it might look a bit dull.

That's because it's sad.

Oh, and because it needs to be cleaned.

How To Clean Your Rose Aura Quartz Crystal

Great news! Your beautiful rosy pink stone loves to take baths!

Yes, it's bonded with platinum -- a precious metal.

But platinum doesn't get damaged by weak acids like vinegar.

Which is good because there ARE some gems, like Dolphin Stone, that react negatively to weak acids.

But since neither raw nor tumbled Rose Aura Quartz is harmed by vinegar...

It's bath time!

How do you give Rose Aura Quartz a vinegar bath?

Follow these easy steps:

  • Fill a small, cute bowl with warm lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Let your piece soak in its little tub for awhile.
  • Use a soft cloth and polish your crystal.
  • Rinse the stone well under warm water and let it dry.

(Vinegar does leave a smell. But a quick rinse with water will get rid of that smell)

Will It Fade?

There are actually quite a few crystals that will fade with long time exposure to direct sunlight.

Brazilian Amethyst, Blue Sodalite, and Corderoite are a few crystals that are sensitive to sunlight.

Real Rose Aura Quartz will not fade in the sun.

So don't keep beautiful piece inside all day -- let it see the sun !

How to Charge Rose Aura Quartz

There are many ways to charge your Rose Aura Quartz crystal: dirt bath, salt bath, direct moonlight, and letting it get struck by lightning.

Okay. We made that last one up.

Due to it's ruby color and metallic sheen, we prefer to let our crystal spend a night in direct moonlight.

We feel that the metallic silver vibes well with the silver moonlight.

Check If Your Rose Aura Quartz Is Real

The main concern with Rose Aura Quartz is not whether or not it's faked.

It's whether or not you've accidently picked up a different crystal!

There are a lot of pink crystals that look and feel similar:

Pink opal, pink flourite, rhodonite, and even some hazy pink tourmaline.

If you're confident you have the right crystal, then let's go ahead and check if it's real.

The most basic check is to touch it.

Is it cool, almost cold to the touch?


That's a good sign!

How To Do a "Fog Test"

If you’re holding a Rose Aura and want to confirm it’s authenticity... just breath on it.

Yes, I know it sounds strange... but it works!

If it's a real Rose Aura stone then the fog from your breath will evaporate almost instanstly.

But if it’s fake, then it'll take more like 5 seconds to evaporate.

The fog test takes advantage of the fact that fakes are almost always glass, which holds moisture longer than the real stone.

How To Do a "Bubble Test"

The properties of glass have another weakness, they almost always have bubbles in the fake “gemstone”.

By examining your Rose Aura closely you'll be able to see any bubbles inside.

Remember that inclusions are different than bubbles.

Because gemstones take so long to form, they will not have air trapped inside.

But making a glass gem without ANY air pockets inside is almost impossible.

Rose Aura Quartz Healing Properties

Rose Aura is formed through the bonding of Quartz and platinum, producing a dynamic energy that works on the pineal gland (crown chakra) and the heart chakra.

This combination leads to transmuting deeply held doubts about one's self-worth.

It bestows the gift of unconditional love of the self and connection to universal love.

This form of Aura Quartz imbues the whole body with love, restoring the cells to perfect balance.

Physical Properties

The Rose Aura Quartz base form is found in all kinds of rocks around the world:

  • Igneous
  • Metamorphic
  • Sedimentary

It is highly resistant to both physical and chemical damage.

Despite it's platinum addition, Rose Aura Quartz ranks a rather average 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness.

This crystal comes in different shades of pink such as light pink, dark pink, and raspberry ruby.


While regular clear Quartz is extremly common, Rose Aura Quartz is not.

I wouldn't go as far as to say it's a precious or rare crystal though.

It's not common because buying platinum and bonding it to clear quartz isn't terribly profitable to do.

But that's good news for us because buying them isn't too expensive!

Smaller stones of Rose Aura Quartz cost around $4 per carat.

While large, high quality crystal range from $5 - $10 per carat depending on the quality and size crystals.

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