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July 03, 2022

Sleeping With Bloodstone Under Pillow

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Bloodstone is known to have great benefits to the whole body. It has the benefit of inviting healthy circulation throughout your body, creating healthy overall well-being.

Can You Put A Bloodstone Under Your Pillow?

Yes, you can put Bloodstone under your pillow when you sleep.

There are many benefits to bloodstones and using them.

What are those benefits, you may ask?

It has physical benefits.

The physical benefits of Bloodstone are endless, and you'll be sure to find something that works for your needs.

These benefits include detoxifying your body and regulating and circulating your blood.

Why do you need this, you may ask?

Well, having these things available to you when using Bloodstone makes for a better overall healthy well-being.

If you're looking for something different and beneficial for your body, then look no further than Bloodstone, as it will offer all of those things to you and more.

If you're wondering why I should try it?

Well, the reason is, you can't knock it till you try it.

You may find that it works very well for you and your body. But you might also find that it doesn't work well for you and your body. The choice is up to you.

So go ahead and try it and see if it works for you.

You may be surprised at what Bloodstone has to offer you and your body needs.

Bloodstone has healing properties.

Some people may ask, how does it have healing properties?

How can it help heal someone in the way that they need?

Well, the answer is simple, it provides all of those things and more through resonance.


The properties of the gemstone are powerful and can offer all of those things to its users.

Need mental help? Bloodstone provides that.

Need emotional help? Bloodstone can offer that.

Let's talk about what Bloodstone might be able to help with.

What Happens If I Sleep With Bloodstone?


Bloodstone can help you emotionally by helping you with your environmental energy and everyday feelings.

Bloodstone gives us the ability to answer the following questions, which are very important in everyday life:

  • "What am I doing here?"

  • "Why am I here?"

  • "Where did I come from?"

These answers can give us problem solutions to anything that we encounter emotionally. This is extremely important and vital to everyday living.

Once we are able to emotionally handle ourselves, we can find better solutions.


This stone is able to help us with intuition and mental energy that we are able to give ourselves.

It is an especially calming stone that gives us the ability to stay calm and situations that we would not otherwise know how to handle.

Having these things available to us helps us tremendously and can also help us in our overall well-being.


Bloodstone can help a lot with blood circulation and how it operates within your system.

There are a lot of elements such as anemia, kidney problems, and other problems that I can help heal.

Can I Wear Bloodstone To Sleep?

Yes, you can definitely wear Bloodstone to sleep as it is a very cleansing gemstone and can help somebody majorly with their body.

This is no different when they go to sleep at night.

You may even want to try using a bracelet or a ring when you go to sleep.

I prefer putting it under our pillow, but to each their own!

How Do You Use Bloodstone For Sleep? Three Steps

Whether you're sleeping with Bloodstone for its healing abilities or for how it can help you emotionally, these steps will work for you!

  1. Imagine what you want from this stone. Think about its abilities and what it can offer you.

  2. Put it under your pillow and visualize it connection to your energy field while you sleep.

  3. As you sleep at night you'll receive its healing abilities.

How Does Bloodstone Affect Dreams?

Yes, Bloodstone has the ability to affect dreams but in a positive manner.

By affecting those dreams, the users are likely to see more benefits come out of their dreams.

The user will then be more likely to have better overall sleep quality, leading to better days.

All of the things that come out of blood stones are positive, and sleeping with them is no different.

How To Activate A Bloodstone?

Activating bloodstone is important and involves mediation. This is very easy to do!

Here's how to do it:

While holding your stone, imagine your desires for using it. See them as vividly as possible in your mind's eye.

Now allow these images to flow from your mind and into the crystal.

You are now charging it!

You can charge it whenever you need to, with any intention that you have.

Can The Bloodstone Be In The Bedroom?

There are many places where you can keep a bloodstone in your bedroom.

Depending on what you are using it for, you will decide on where you will place it.

It works for a lot of healing properties that you may need.

My favorite places to put Bloodstone in the bedroom are:

  • Under your pillow.

  • In your jewelry case.

  • By your bed.

If you think of a good spot, then let us know, and we'll update the list! What crystals can you sleep with?

The bland answer: any of them.

The better: ones that match Bloodstone's Charka.

The heart Root and Heart charkas are the biggest ones that it relates to.

If you're looking to form geometric shapes under your pillow, then we suggest pairing them with these crystals:

  • Rose Quartz

  • Emerald

  • Prehnite

  • Moss Agate

  • Green Tourmaline

  • Malachite

Where Can I Learn More?

Bloodstone is a powerful crystal that you can use for many areas of your life. Looking for more crystal information?

You can check out our Crystal Guides and our articles on other common crystal questions.

Or check out our articles down below!

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