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July 03, 2022

Sleeping With Citrine Under Pillow

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Citrine is a powerful stone that can bring positive energy and brightness into your life. This crystal has been used for luck, prosperity, positivity, and joy. Citrine is a ray of sunshine.

Is Citrine A Good Stone To Sleep With?

You may be wondering if you can sleep with citrine.

The answer is yes, but not always.

For instance, if you're someone that is very restless and doesn't fall asleep easily, citrine may be too stimulating for you.

But if you're someone that has trouble falling asleep because of dark thoughts, citrine may help you fall asleep by removing them.

Citrine can give you energy and motivation, which may be difficult to handle at night time when you're in bed.

But, citrine is also gentle enough for most people to use at night and still get a good night's rest.

You can also sleep with citrine to help with morning anxiety or depression.

Keep a piece by you at night to help you be more positive in the morning.

What Happens If I Sleep With Citrine Under My Pillow?

If you sleep with citrine under your pillow, you're going to have an excellent night's sleep.

Citrine helps you feel more at peace and at ease.

If kept under your pillow, citrine can help you let go of any fears and worries.

Your dreams will also be more positive and exciting.

Here are how sleeping will citrine will affect your overall being.


Citrine will help you let go of negative emotions.

You'll be able to see how they no longer serve you.

Citrine also helps you see the bright side of things.

If you've struggled to find a solution to your internal struggles, citrine can help you overcome them.

This crystal helps you find answers to these questions:

  • "What do I have to be grateful for?"

  • "How can I overcome this?"

  • "What is positive that came from this situation?"


Citrine is a very powerful spiritual stone.

If you've struggled with success or feeling a sense of purpose in your life, this crystal can help.

It allows you to see your abilities, strengths, and talents.

Then, you can become aligned with your purpose and find success.

Citrine also helps you find clarity in regards to any spiritual questions you may have.

This crystal also fills you with hope.


Anyone that struggles with fatigue may benefit from citrine.

Citrine provides you with motivation and vitality.

You can get anything done with the help of this healing crystal.

Citrine helps fill your body with energy, allowing you to feel more able to conquer your goals.

Can You Wear Citrine Jewelry To Bed?

Yes, you can wear citrine jewelry to bed.

Whether you have a necklace, earrings, or bracelet, you can wear any piece of this beautiful stone as you sleep.

Waking up wearing citrine will help you stay in a positive mood throughout the day.

The stone may be too stimulating for some, but most people can handle the electricity of citrine.

Wearing it before bed is good luck, especially before a big presentation or project the next day.

How Do You Use Citrine For Sleep? 3 Steps

Using citrine for sleep can be very beneficial for just about anyone.

Citrine is an amazing stone that brings positive energy into the life of whoever wears it.

If you struggle with fear of the dark or issues before bed, citrine is great in helping you overcome these problems.

If you happen to have some palo santo or sage lying around, cleansing your citrine may be helpful in allowing it to help bring positive energy into your life.

Here's how you should use citrine before bed:

  • Pick up your citrine and hold it in one of your hands. Verbally tell it what intentions you have for using it.
  • Imagine a bright yellow light coming from the stone. See it grow wide and eventually surround you as well.
  • Keep imagining this yellow healing light around you until you fall asleep.

How Does Citrine Affect Dreams?

Citrine can have a powerful impact on your dreams.

If you struggle with nightmares, citrine clears them away with ease.

You can also dream of very fun experiences with this stone.

You might dream of winning the lottery, coming up with a life-changing invention, or just having an overall positive dream experience.

Citrine keeps your nightlife positive, uplifting, and bright.

How To Active Citrine?

Activating citrine is important to do before you start using it for sleep. You'll want to charge it with your intention, so it is able to help you with your desires.

Here's how to activate citrine:

  • Hold it with both hands and speak your intentions to it.
  • In your mind, visualize your desires happening. Use all of your senses and create the feeling as if it's happening right now.
  • See your visualization pouring into the citrine, activating it with your desires.

Now you're ready to use it!

Where Do You Put A Citrine In The Bedroom?

The truth is, you can put citrine just about anywhere in your bedroom. There are a few places that will be most beneficial, though.

  • The left corner of your room is where your financial energy resides.
  • On top of your wallet.
  • Under your pillow.

Anywhere you keep citrine will be beneficial for you because the crystal's energy is very healing and uplifting.

You can even wear a piece of citrine jewelry at night while you sleep for added benefits.

Citrine can also be placed around your home to bring in positive energies.

If you're having relationship problems, keeping a piece of citrine under your bed can help resolve these issues.

What Crystals Should Not Be In Your Bedroom?

Some crystals shouldn't be used in the bedroom because they either are too energetic or have properties that aren't great for sleeping.

Citrine is a stone where it really depends on your usage and how sensitive you are to its energy.

Other crystals that are more stimulating may not be good choices either.

Here are a few crystals that you shouldn't keep in your bedroom, especially at night:

  • Super Seven

  • Ruby

  • Moldavite

  • Red Tiger Eye

Where Can I Learn More?

Citrine is a positive stone that can bring light and excitement back into your life. If you're still on the hunt for other crystals, let us help!

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