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July 03, 2022

Sleeping With Jade Crystal Under Pillow

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Jade is a crystal that is especially useful in relationships. It encourages healthy relationships with other people to promote love, honesty, and maturity in these relationships.

Is It Good To Sleep With Jade?

Yes, it can be extremely beneficial to sleep with Jade for healing purposes.

It eliminates the need for fear while you sleep.

Sound great?

There are two very specific things that you can do with Jade to encourage healthy living habits. It's extremely comforting.

Bringing comfort into your life is something that you strive for.

You want to be able to feel healthy and heard in your relationship without letting your guard down.

You want to be able to encourage healthy relationships within your life.

Wouldn't it be helpful if there was an easy way to do this with the power of one stone?

It is possible with Jade. Green jade is extremely powerful in building relationships with your friends and loved ones.

If you are looking for something different with your stone, then try the healing energy jade can bring into your life.

Jade offers endless powers to those that use it.

If you look at its benefits, you'll see that you can benefit from it too.

By believing in Jade, you will see your relationships strengthen, and you'll be sure to notice more love and understanding even if it was already there, to begin with.

Are you looking for a way to bring luck into your life?

Jade is known as the lucky stone and can bring you fast success and prosperity.

Maybe you want to find a way to bring new energy and healing in as well.

Jade can bring abundance and financial security into your life for years to come and stick around for the long term.

Are you looking for any one of these things? Maybe you are lacking in one of these areas?

If so, maybe Jade is what you need.

Let's talk about what Jade might be able to help with.

What Does Jade Crystal Help With?


Jade is especially useful for people when they are trying to restore emotional balance to their lives as it can help restore that.

Jade crystal can answer the following questions for people as they deal with their emotions:

"Why do I feel this way"

"What is blocking my heart in this moment"

"Why am I unable to have abundance in my life?"

These questions can answer the overarching problem that has occurred as a result of it. Finding answers can help.

Once we are able to know our true purpose, we can solve the problems that we face.


This gemstone has the ability to achieve great mental benefits for the users of the stone.

This can be achieved through the mental clarity that so many of us deal with.

This can also be helpful in making good decisions for the users of the gemstones as they navigate their life processes.


Jade helps a lot with the inner working of your system and the way that it works. It helps and aids in the filtration system of your body as well.

It helps to remove toxins and bodily harms.

How do you use Jade for sleep? 3 steps

Whether you're sleeping with Jade because it can help your body with its natural processes or for its healing properties - these steps will work for you!

  1. Wearing a piece of jade to bed can be very beneficial for your body.

  2. Wearing a necklace or taping a tumbled piece near your heart space will help bring healing to your relationships and finances.

  3. You can use jade throughout the day, even when you aren't asleep.

Take jade with you everywhere!

How Does Jade Affect Dreams?

Jade is a very positive stone that can bring about a lot of positive effects on your body.

This stone is also essential in having calm, comfortable dreams.

When you go to sleep, you can dream about bigger things and the positive influences they can have on your life.

For anyone looking to get rid of bad dreams or negativity before bed, try a jade stone.

How Do You Activate Jade Crystals?

Your intention is what will allow the energy of green jade to influence your life. It's important to have a clear understanding of the stone's purpose and how you want to to affect your experience.

How to meditate with Jade:

Lay flat on your back and place a piece of jade on your heart.

Take a few deep breaths, and each breath imagine your heart chakra opening up bigger and bigger.

Imagine a green ball of jade color energy appearing around the stone. This ball of energy holds the healing properties jade contains. Feel the ball of energy fall into your heart and being to heal any emotional issues or ailments within your body.

When you feel a sense of relief, the meditation is complete.

Where Should You Put Jade crystal?

There are certain places where you should put your Jade crystal where they will be most effective.

You should try to put it in the southeast corner of your room.

By doing this, you are encouraging wealth and abundance throughout the rooms.

If there is another place, please let us know; we would love to add it.

Placing a piece of jade stone on your windowsill will also send out positive energies into the universe, which will then be reflected back to you.

How Do You Recharge Jade Crystals?

There are many ways to recharge a crystal with a ton of different strategies.

Letting it sit in Spring water for a couple of minutes is an effective way to do this.

Taking a moment to meditate with your Jade can also be a way to recharge your crystal as well.

By doing this, you can fill it with intention and goals that you have for it.

You can even do it by letting it sit in sunlight and moonlight.

Charing your green jade stone helps fill it with purpose and direct it's healing energy.

What Crystals Should Not Be In Your Bedroom?

Not all crystals are beneficial to always keep in your bedroom. While they may serve a temporary purpose, the following crystals aren't good for long term use in your room.

  • Moldavite

  • Amber

  • Garnet

  • Red Jade

Where Can I Learn More?

Jade is a relationship healer and can help build strong connections between just about anyone.

Check out our Crystal Guides and our articles on other common crystal questions.

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