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July 03, 2022

Sleeping With Moonstone Under Pillow

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Moonstone is a very emotionally calming stone. It offers many emotional benefits to the user to help them through any stressful time that they may be experiencing.

Can You Put A Moonstone Under Your Pillow?

Yes, moonstone is actually a very good Crystal to put under your pillow.

This is because of its calming capabilities.

What can I benefit from this?

Here are two major reasons why the moonstone is so beneficial for so many people: It has emotional benefits.

Are you looking for a Crystal that offers you emotional benefits and the ability to overcome emotional obstacles that you may face?

If the answer is yes, then Moonstone could be a very good option for you as it offers all of this and more.

Well, how does it do that?

The answer lies in the emotional capabilities that it offers to the users. Not only is it emotionally beneficial, but it also has empathy for the users with whom it comes into contact.

This may seem like it's a loss, but the crystal was designed so that the moonstone activates the power of the energy that it is using.

Try to tap into that to see what exactly you can benefit from when it comes to moonstone.

I can assure you that you can benefit endlessly from the stone as it offers so much to users who come into contact with it.

As a female, it offers many benefits for emotional problems you may encounter.

So go ahead and try it and see if it works for you.

You may be surprised at what moonstone has to offer you and your body needs.

Moonstone has feminine energy.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that it has the ability to help through any feminine events that they may experience.

Things like childbirth and pregnancy can be positively impacted.


It can help with any female-related ailments that you may experience.

Things such as PMS symptoms or side effects may also help.

This can also help your digestive system.

Let's talk about what Moonstone might be able to help with.

What Happens If I Sleep With Bloodstone?


Moonstone can help you emotionally by restoring the balance in your body as well as helping you with your energy balance.

Moonstone gives us the ability to answer the following questions and help guide us through whatever we are experiencing:

  • "How can I be more open to receiving?"

  • "Am I being authentic?"

  • "How can I release resistance?"

The answers that you get from these questions will help you restore the overall emotional balance that you experience on a day-to-day basis and help your overall quality of life.

Emotional well-being is vital to our health and our body.


This stone can help us with intuition and mental energy that we can give ourselves.

It is an especially calming stone that gives us the ability to stay calm and situations that we would not otherwise know how to handle.

Having these things available to us helps us tremendously and can also help us in our overall well-being.


Moonstone can help us a lot with the overall physical function of our body as well as other functions of our body as well.

As you work through what these are, you will be able to find what you need out of the moonstone. Can I wear a moonstone to sleep? Yes, you can wear moonstone to bed because of its ability to help you and your overall well-being function as a whole.

It can help you to restore your energy and bring light into your life.

You can wear it on a bracelet or necklace.

You can even sit next to your bed at night.

How Do You Use Moonstone For Sleep? Three Steps

Whether you're sleeping with moonstone for the emotional well-being of your body or for the physical purposes of the body -- these steps will work for you!

  1. Cleanse your moonstone with sage or palo santo and charge it with your intention.

  2. Then, place your moonstone under your pillow so it's closest to your crown and third eye chakra.

  3. In the morning, the positive effects of moonstone should be felt.

It's as easy as that!

How Does Moonstone Affect Dreams?

Moonstone has a very positive effect on so many different things.

Luckily, moonstone is no different when it comes to dreams.

Moonstone has the ability to help and balance out the emotional and mental well-being of a person.

Dreams may be very emotional and cleansing than normal.

You may also wake up through the night as the lunar energy of moonstone calls you towards the moon.

All of this while positively impacting your dreams and physical state as well.

How To Activate A Moonstone?

Are you confused by the concept of meditating?

If you are, you are not alone in that.

It is really very simple so let's take a walk through it.

But because you're likely sleeping with the gemstone for a specific purpose, we recommend meditating with the crystal.

  • Spend some time holding your crystal and imagining what you want it to help you with.

  • Visualize your desires vividly. Evoke any emotions that you would feel if they were happening right now.

  • See your visualizations moving into the crystal.

Now moonstone is charged with your intent!

Can Moonstone Be In The Bedroom?

Moonstone is an incredibly powerful crystal.

You can decide where you want to place it based on what you are using it for.

My favorite places to put moonstone in the bedroom are:

  • Under my pillow.
  • Next to the window under the moonlight.
  • In my pocket while I sleep.

If you have a better spot, try it out!

Should You Wear Moonstone On A Full Moon?

There is one certain circumstance when you should wear a moonstone on a full moon.

It is usually when trying to increase your body's fertility.

This is especially helpful when you are making love during a full moon.

It just increases the overall chance of becoming pregnant.

Where Can I Learn More?

Moonstone is a healing stone that offers you the soft, loving feminine energy of the moon.

Looking for more crystal content? No problem!

You can check out our Crystal Guides and our articles on other common crystal questions.

Or check out our articles down below!

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