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July 03, 2022

Sleeping With Turquoise Under Pillow

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Turquoise is known for being a good luck charm for most of the people that are using it. It can bring a lot more than just this to the table. It also brings peace and calmness to the people around it and can benefit a large group of people this way.

Can You Sleep With Turquoise On?

Turquoise is a beautiful stone popular in Native American culture.

You can sleep with Turquoise on, but it may not be the most beneficial to use.

The reason for this is that it may be stimulating for some.

There is nothing wrong with using this crystal when using it for sleep.

But there are two reasons why you should reconsider the crystal option for when you're going to sleep.

Everyone responds differently.

This may be the right crystal for you if you aren't sensitive to this stone's energy.

Try it out before you decide not to use it.

It has proven to not be the best crystal for everyone that has used it.

This is why you should reconsider using it and opt-in for something like an amethyst instead, where it is much more peaceful to sleep.

It may seem simple to you.

This is not to say that Turquoise is not the right option for you but look to alternatives if it doesn't work out. You will find one that works for you.

Turquoise has stimulating properties.

This can make it extremely hard for someone to calm down after a long day.

Maybe they want to sit back and relax.

They are not able to do that if their mind is constantly racing and moving.

So, where can it move to instead?

A good option is a study room or a kitchen.

Some place where you want your mind to be moving and working.

That is the magic of Turquoise.

Let's talk about what Turquoise might be able to help with.

What Does Sleeping With Turquoise Do?


Turquoise has the ability to create a very well-rounded emotional well-being for the person that is using it. It creates a safe haven and positive energy around the person that is using it.

Turquoise helps to answer the following questions for the person using it:

  • "What does this phase of my life mean?"

  • "How can I communicate better?"

  • "How can I overcome these struggles?"

The answers to these questions can create a lot of emotional conclusions for your life that you may not have had the ability to have before.

Emotional healing is important and vital to healing as a whole.


This stone is useful when trying to work to ease anxiety and mental health problems.

A lot of the mental health problems that people face come from a lack of preparedness.

This stone can help you accomplish that by filling in the gaps and easing that anxiety that you are facing.


Turquoise is a good overall stone to use for your physical well-being. It can help your immune system as well as heal any ailments all over your body.

Look to this stone for better overall healing.

How Do You Use Turquoise For Sleep? 3 Steps

Whether you're sleeping with Turquoise for its healing powers or you are using its ability to calm the user down -- these steps will work for you!

  1. In your hands, feel the soft, smooth, feel to this beautiful Turquoise jewelry or stone. Think of what you want this stone to bring to your life.

  2. Wear a piece of Turquoise jewelry or place a piece of it under your pillow.

  3. At night, the stone's energy will work to remove anything that no longer serves you within your energy, and allow a stronger flow of energy through you.

It's that easy!

How Does Turquoise Affect Dreams?

Turquoise has the ability to positively impact the dreams that you have depending on how you are using it.

If you are using it for healing properties, you will have a better overall night's rest.

Better rest means better dreams.

How Do You Activate Turquoise?

Activating Turquoise is important in order to set the intention of what this stone can do for you. You an use any stone, Turquoise jewelry, a tumbled rock, or a rough cut stone.

Hold the Turquoise in your hand to allow your energy to connect to it.

Speak out loud your intentions for using the stone and what properties you want to evoke from it.

Visualize a bright light surrounding the stone, activating it with healing energy.

Repeat this process every once and a while when you feel your stone needs a recharge.

What Zodiac Can Wear Turquoise?

The zodiac that works best with Turquoise is Sagittarius.

This can help this person become wiser and stronger mentally.

There is a reason that this zodiac works best with this type of stone. There are different types of stones that work for different people.

Find a stone that works for your zodiac sign to make sure that it matches properly.

Can I Keep Turquoise In The Bedroom?

There are places you can place Turquoise where it can be most effective for the users.

This is because the energy of the stone has to be used in a specific way for it to be effective.

We will go over just a few ways you can use it.

My favorite places to put Turquoise in the bedroom are:

  • On a windowsill in direct moonlight.

  • Out of direct sunlight.

  • Under my pillow when I need to stabilize my moods and thoughts.

Can You Only Sleep With Sleeping Beauty Crystals?

You can actually sleep with all kinds of crystals.

Turquoise is great to sleep with for it's beautiful properties, but many crystals can offer you benefits in your sleep.

Turquoise works with the throat chakra, and that is why it is impactful when you sleep with it.

It helps to reduce things such as anxiety and other mental health impacts that could otherwise severely impact you.

Sleeping with this stone will also help you speak your truth and live a more authentic life.

Where Can I Learn More?

Now that you've learned all about the powerful properties of Turquoise stone, it's time to dive into more amazing crystals!

Check out our Crystal Guides and our articles on other common crystal questions.

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