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Starbrary Quartz


Starbrary crystals are some of the most misunderstood stones on the internet. Let's clear up the confusion and explain why these crystals are so fascinating

Quick Look:

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    Every Chakra

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    Clear and transparent, occasionally hazy grey

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    Long prismatic columns of crystal with etched glyphs on the surface

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    3 / 10 Rarity

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    Discovered in First mined in Serra do Cabral

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    Mined in Majority produced in Brazil, small scale production in Peru

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    Chinese name: 星痕水晶

We've gotta start this article with a disclaimer...

There are A LOT of claims about Starbrary crystals out there. Most of which have just been copy / pasted from one site.

We're going to do our best to give you accurate information that wasn't just made up by some guy on a forum 10 years ago.

What is Starbrary Crystal?

A Starbrary Quartz crystal is any quartz stone that displays the characteristic glyphs Starbrary crystals are known for.

Starbrary Quartz Upclose

Starbrary Quartz Upclose
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Typically the base stone is clear quartz or smoky quartz.

As we discuss below, it's these glyphs that separate "Lemurian Seed Crystals" and Starbrary stones.

The glyphs on Starbrary stones are a series of prominent raised etchings or imprints on the crystal's surface.

Although they're referred to as glyphs because of their theorized spiritual meaning, many of the marks resemble Morse code or even sacred geometric patterns.

The highest quality, most rare, and most expensive stones are the ones with symbols on all sides of the crystals.

Most Starbrary Quartz will only have distinct patterns on one or two faces of the crystal.

And, because we know that online pictures can be deceiving... if you buy cheap Starbrary crystal, then the glyphs will be very sparse and hard to see.

If you want clear markings with patterns, you'll need AAA grade stones.

I'm sorry, but that's just the truth. It's like when readers buy cheap Bloodstone and just get a green stone without red specks in return.

You should never feel disappointed buying crystals, excitement is so much more fun!

What is Starbrary Crystal used for?

This is where things get pretty divided.

I'm not here to tell you that that copy / pasted theory is wrong, but any time you see people say the glyphs on the crystal represent a specific star system... the writing is word-for-word the same.

We won't spend too much time on this theory, so let's go ahead and move on to the more accepted and, in our opinion, the most resonating theory.

Starbray Connection To The Cosmos

People say that the glyphs on the surface of Starbrary smoky quartz hold the wisdom of the cosmos, much like how our words hold wisdom.

When you activate the crystal, the information is translated into your soul.

The idea is that these gemstones were prepared by beings that exist outside of our solar system or in a realm we can't directly interact with.

Those who resonate with this theory also tend to believe in the Starbrary grid hypothesis.

The idea goes that Starbrary and Lemurian crystals are spread all over the planet for a specific purpose.

Once all the stones have been spread to all corners of Earth, a grid will be created and "awaken" -- covering our planet in healing light.

My personal feelings are a bit different. It doesn't feel like I'm receiving when working these crystals but giving.

If these crystals were sent from outside our system, it doesn't seem likely that the senders would expect us to be able to translate them.

Or even figure out how to use them.

What it feels like, to me, is that when working with these crystals, we are sending energy.

Perhaps that's a signal to outside beings to help us as the holder or to help the planet, or another reason.

As with all crystals, you should work with them and meditate on their meanings yourself.

It's not likely that all crystals have the same use for everyone. That's why it's important to discover and create a relationship with crystal energy yourself.

Where is Starbray Quartz mined?

Starbray is mined in the same places that you'll find Lemurian quartz.

Brazil is the main place where Starbray Quartz is mined. You'll find crystals from Minas Gerais mines, Sapo mines, and the historic but now closed Serra do Cabral mines.

There are also much smaller mines found in Peru, but the sourcing is very limited.

Is A Starbrary Quartz Cluster And Regular Crystal The Same?

Yep! They're just different names for the same thing.

Now, a cluster will likely include other sediments and parts of rock that AREN'T crystal... but the crystal part is the same.

For the most part, clusters won't be as processed as an obelisk or cut gem.

Other common names that you might hear include:

  • starbrary lemurian
  • starbrary smoky quartz
  • orion starbrary
  • pleiadian quartz

Where Can I Learn More?

Well hey, thanks for asking!

Starbrary is a pretty unique case, so it's tough to recommend a related article.

We have one that covers Crystals From Outer Space, but otherwise, there aren't any articles that follow up on crystal glyphs.


If we do cover more on glyphs in the future, we'll update this section here.

Oh, and you can always check out the articles down below too!

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