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May 21, 2022

Is Bloodstone A Crystal? - Bloodstone vs Other Crystals

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You might think that Bloodstone is just a stone because of its name. But stone can be used for both crystal and mineral. So is Bloodstone a crystal? Yes! It is! But why is it a crystal and not a mineral?

Is Bloodstone a crystal or mineral?

Okay okay, we already spoiled the answer for you above.


Now we get a chance to explain.

Telling a crystal and a mineral apart can be impossible if you don't know what to look for.

It was the same for us too until we did the research...

Turns out it's actually really simple!

Just by knowing how they're defined you'll know what Bloodstone is a crystal and not a mineral.

Minerals and crystals are defined clearly:

A natural crystal will have an atomic structure that includes more than one type of substance.

But a mineral IS a substance all by itself - contains just one single compound. Not a bunch of things mixed together.

Not too hard right?

Now that you know the definitions, do you think Bloodstone is a mineral?

Bloodstone is a crystal and not a mineral because it contains multiple different materials - SiO₂ & Fe₂O₃

Though it is technically a crystal, most people call it a stone because of it's dark colors.

Is Bloodstone a Quartz?

Anyone who read our article that answered is Rose Quartz a crystal, then you'll already know what we're gonna say!

Bloodstone is technically a kind of Quartz because it's scientifically classified as a polycrystalline chalcedony.

If someone is trying to tell you that Bloodstone isn't Quartz...

Then they probably just don't know. It's very unlikely they're trying to trick you or scam you by saying it's not Quartz.

But what can you do if some is trying to trick you with fake Bloodstone?

Easy! Use the method below to test for a fake.

Is Bloodstone a real stone?

We actually cover this in even more detail in our in-depth guide to Bloodstone, so we'll just share the quickest and easiet way to tell if you have real Bloodstone or a fake knockoff.

First, the good news.

This crystal is almost never faked. The profits would just be too low.

Now... the bad news...

Just kidding. It's all good news! We're tell you how to look for fakes even though you really don't have to worry about it.

The other good news is that faking tumbled Bloodstone is really cumbersome.

Before we do any tests you'll want to search for some pictures of Bloodstone to make sure the mineral in question at least looks the same.

Knowing what Bloodstone looks like is half the battle because it has a pretty unique color.

The only other crystal is might get mixed up with is Zoisite and even then you'd need a very rare red splattered specimen.

If Bloodstone was going to be faked, then Resin would be the first choice.

There are two super simple tests to check for real Bloodstone:

1. Use your finger or forehead to check for a crystal:

  • A natural Bloodstone will always be cool to the touch.

Check for cracks in the resin:

  • Cracks and dips in the fake Bloodstone have a pool of ink in them, unlike natural crystal that has a uniform color.

Combining these tests together will expose a stone as Resin and NOT a true Bloodstone.

What is bloodstone crystal good for?

Archaeological show Bloodstone has been used for thousands of years, but it doesn't see the same use today.

Nowadays, the stone's only used in Chinese medicine.

Although it is technically a Quartz, it doesn't have the same technological applications that the more well known Quartz has.

For most of us, the metaphysical benefits of Bloodstone are much more interesting - so let's dive into those!

How To Use Bloodstone

The best way to get the benefits of this mineral is by keeping it close to us.

Some people like to put Bloodstone under their pillow while they sleep.

We don't recommend keeping TOO close though...

Bloodstone isn't completely safe to put in water. It has contains iron oxide and while iron is safe to drink in small amounts -- we still recommend against it in this case.

We much prefer to wear jewelry to harness the energy of this stone!

who should wear bloodstone and where

Learning where to wear Bloodstone couldn't be easier! You just need to know which Chakra this gemstone has the best resonance with.

We cover this more in our in-depth Bloodstone guide, but the sweet and short of it is that the stone reacts with your Root and Heart Charkas.

So it's best worn as a necklace, or as a part of a belt!

But we like to keep one in our pocket's for convenience.

What type of crystal is bloodstone?

Bloodstone is a variety of dark green cryptocrystalline quartz with splashes of red iron oxide.

While it is a kind of quartz, when people say "quartz" they often mean macrocrystalline quartz.

The cryptocrystalline variety that this stone belongs to are often refered to as Chalcedony.

Bloodstone interesting facts

Bloodstone Texture

The many varieties of quartz feature a wide range of textures.

Bloodstone falls into the "Aphanitic" group.

Stones in this group can be identified by their super fine grain surface. The crystals are so fine that you need a microscrope to see them!

For many "fine grain" doesn't sound like Bloodstone, but that's because stones are grouped in their untumbled form.

Raw Bloodstone doesn't have the same smooth feel that tumbled stone does.

Give us the info on chakra / healing properties / the cost per size of this crystal!

Thank you! We're happy that you've got questions about Bloodstone, go check out our crystal facts page for more info.

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