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May 22, 2022

Is Selenite A Crystal? - Selenite vs Other Crystals

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You might think that because Selenite is sold with crystals that it itself is a crystal. So is it a crystal? Nope! Selenite is not a crystal because it belongs to the gypsum family of minerals.

Is Selenite a crystal or mineral?

Alright alright, we already spoiled the answer for you above.


Now we get a chance to explain.

Distinguishing crystal from mineral isn't easy to do.

Well, at least not until you know what to look for.

Once we did some research we realized telling them apart is actually simple!

After you hear how each thing is defined it'll make sense to you.


Crystals all have an atomic structure is made up of more than one type of material.


Minerals are a substance all themselves. They contain just one single compound and aren't a combination of things.

Makes sense now right?

Now that you know the definitions, would you guess that Selenite is a mineral?

Selenite is a mineral belonging to the gypsum family and is made up of one singular compound - Na₂SeO₃

But... we still call it a crystal :)

Is selenite a rare crystal?

Because Selenite is part of the gypsum family, it's found all throughout Earth’s crust.

Selenites aren't very rare because they can be found in any type of rock that has gypsum deposits in it.

So this stone is not rare - at least not the plain transparent variety.

But because it has so many different colors such as pink, purple, green and blue there are rare types of Selenite.

Find a piece of Selenite that contains all of these colors would be like winning the lottery.

Not being rare doesn't mean it's not a great stone. It just means you can buy more!

Is Selenite crystal natural?

Selenite crystal is completely natural and safe, but Sodium Selenite is made in labs and is hazardous material that should not be touched or ingested.

If you've heard people say that Selenite isn't natural, they were probably got it mixed up with Sodium Selenite.

They are two distinct materials.

It's like saying water (H₂O) is that same as hydrogen peroxide.

Luckily, Sodium Selenite is always in powder form so it can easily be avoided.

Plenty of our users use real Selenite spiritual work and meditation without issue because Crystal Selenite is safe to touch.

How can you tell if a crystal is selenite?

If you don't want to get into technical stuff, you may want to skip this section.

We understand that it might be a bit boring for some. Others love it!

Selenite is a mineral form of gypsum that can be identified by its cleavage. It has the most perfect cleavage of any mineral. The reason selenite has the most perfect cleavage is because when it cools down, its molecules are less dense and that’s why they break apart from each other easier than any other kind of molecule.

It occurs in different colors, and one of its more notable features is its semitransparent qualities.

Selenite has a hexagonal crystal shape, with flattened sides that taper to the bottom. The crystals are striated parallel to the basal plane and can often be seen in large clusters because they are usually fragile.

Who should wear Selenite and where

Learning where to wear Selenite is super easier! It all depends on which Chakra this gemstone resonates with the most.

We cover this more in our in-depth Selenite guide, but the quick version is that this mineral vibes with your Crown Chakra the most.

Unless you're willing to wear a crown, then a Selenite necklace is your best choice!

What type of crystal is Selenite?

Hey! This is a trick question! As we mentioned above, Selenite isn't technically a crystal. Selenite is a type of Gypsum that is often long, tubular and fibrous in appearance.

Selenite can be found with other minerals like gypsum and calcite, but it's still classified as its own mineral due to its composition and physical properties.

The name "selenite" comes from the Greek word Σελήνη (selene) meaning "moon", which refers to the way that moonlight shines through these crystals.

The mineral is formed by the evaporation of selenium-rich water and may be found in regions that were once underwater.

Selenite stone will vary in color but are most often white or pink with a yellowish tinge to them. Selenite can also be found as translucent pieces with white calcitic streaks inside them.

Selenite interesting facts

  • Selenite is mined from an underground deposit near Georgia in the United States, as well as from deposits in Australia and China.

  • Selenite has been used for centuries in construction, pottery production, agricultural fertilizer production and water treatment.

  • It was also used for creating toothpaste before the invention of modern toothpaste ingredients such as fluoride or sodium lauryl sulfate.

Give us the info on chakras / healing properties / the cost of this mineral!

Sure thing! We're glad that you've got questions about Selenite, go check out our crystal facts page for more info.

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