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May 11, 2022

Can Selenite Go In Water? - (SAFE HEALING)

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You might think that a stone with a fishtail variety would love water, but Selenite is soluble in water and will dissolve fairly quickly.

Is Selenite toxic when wet?

The mineral Selenite is not toxic at all, but the ion form called Sodium Selenite is very toxic.

If you have natural Selenite, than it CAN get wet and it won't become toxic.

But... water will hurt the crystal. That's because, like all Gypsum, Selenite is water soluble.

1 gram of Gypsum (Selenite) will dissolve in .5 liters of water on average.

Wait wait wait... if water hurts Selenite crystal than how can we clean it???

I promise we'll cover that in a moment. But there's something more important we have to cover first.

How can you tell the difference between Selenite and Sodium Selenite?


The toxic one will always come in a powered form.

Sodium Selenite can not hold a solid crystal form.

If what you have/ what your looking at is a solid crystal, than it is NOT the toxic one.

What about powdered regular Selenite?

Please. DO NOT buy or make powdered Selenite, or any other crystal. Inhaling powdered crystal can cut up your throat and lungs.

Okay. Now that you have a real Selenite crystal, let's figure out how to clean this thing.

Is Selenite safe to touch?

Selenite is completely safe to touch and handle without gloves.

If you've heard people say that Selenite is dangerous, it's because they are thinking of sodium Selenite.

These are two different materials. It's like comparing hydrogen dioxide (H₂O) with hydrogen peroxide.

People use Selenite for all kinds of spiritual work and don't have a problem because it's safe to touch.

How to Cleanse Selenite

Selenite is part of the Mica family, so we like to return it to the earth to cleanse it.

You can cleanse your Selenite by buring it in dirt for 24hrs.

We HIGHLY recommend wrapping your stone in a cloth of some sort to prevent dirt from falling into the cracks.

After 24hrs, dig up your freshly cleansed Selenite stone!

Will Water Make Selenite Change Color?

As cool as it would be, water will not make Selenite change color.

Yes, it will dissolve the mineral, but the color will be the same.

Selenite won't change colors by rubbing it either.

We would love a crystal that worked like those pencils from elementary school, but this ain't it.

Honestly, you should be careful rubbing this crystal all.

Selenite only ranks a 2 on Mohs hardness scale, meaning that it's so soft that it can scratched by your fingernail.

Pressing too hard and rubbing too much will physically damage this mineral.

Can You Wash Selenite?

Got a little bit of bad news... your Selenite stone is VERY particular about it's baths.

Much like Blue Pectolite , Gypsum Selenite is will dissolve in either water or acid.

Which means we can't use our favorite cleaning method, a vinegar bath, to make your stone shine.

If we wash Selenite, the crystal will dissolve slighty. This cannot be avoided. But it can be minimized.

Let's keep things simple:

  • Fill a cup with distilled water. (Tap will leave a layer of limestone)
  • Dip a soft bristled toothbrush in the water.
  • GENTLY brush your crystal until the surface has been cleaned.
  • Dry your Selenite by wiping it down in a uniform direction.

This is the best way to clean your Selenite with water. Because although it can go in water, it shouldn't.

You can also simply use a soft cloth to polish the mineral without any water, which is what we do.

But we understand some people like to go the extra mile and include water in their crystal cleaning.

Charging Water with Selenite

Great news! You add energy and charge water at home using Selenite minerals.


This mineral WILL dissolve in water and is not fit for human consumption.

Luckily there are some ways to use crystals to charge water by placing them around a glass jar or on top of a water bottle lid rather than directly in the water.

This way, the mineral is close enough to affect the water, but it won't dissolve in the water.

Selenite Infused Water Benefits

While you COULD drink the water that was charged by a nearby stone, there is no hardset rule that says you have to actually drink the water.

In fact, you should never put water in Selenite that you should intend to drink. It is very poisonous when ingested.

You can always add the charged water to your bath, or even use the water for your garden.

Infusing water with Selenite can help cleanse negative energy, and bring more positivity into your life.

Selenite is extremely calming, stabilizing emotions, and defusing tension by anchoring the light body to earth's vibration.

How To Check If Selenite Is Real

This is normally the section where we explain how to spot fake crystals.

We discuss how lead glass is used fake gems like Sugilite.

And how resin is made to look like Blue Chalcedony.

We introduce you to the Fog Test and a Bubble Test to try for yourself.

But we've gotta be honest, we've never heard of someone faking Selenite.

Would it be impossible?


But it wouldn't be make the faker any money.

Selenite is simply not expensive enough to justify the effort.

There are many great things about Selenite, which we cover in our in-depth Selenite guide, but those things don't make the mineral ultra-rare.

The good news is that we can pretty much guarantee you DO NOT have fake Selenite.

Can I shower with Selenite?

Technically... you can if you want.

But your crystal will "melt" and that would be a bummer.

We suggest keeping your Selenite away from any shower plans you have.

Can you put Selenite in the rain?

Rain is more acidic than regular tap water, so you Selenite will dissolve even faster!

Please keep your Selenite sealed up during rainy travel, or try to find a tiny umbrella.

Is Selenite water soluble?

Yes! Selenite is water soluble at a rate of 1g per 0.5 liters.

In practical terms, it means you should keep Selenite away from water.

Can Selenite go in the sun?

Yes, yes, and yes! Selenite will not fade in direct sunlight.

It's sensitive to many things, but the sun is not one of them.

I want the chakras / healing properties / jewelry / cost / full report on this crystal!

We love that you're interested in learning more about Selenite! Check out our crystal facts page for more information.

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