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June 01, 2022

Can Moss Agate Go In Water? - (SAFE HEALING)

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Since this sounds like a frog's favorite rock, it only makes sense it's fine in water! That's right, no read 1000 words for the answer. But if you wanted to learn why it's fine in water...keep reading!

Can you put Moss Agate in water?

Moss Agate In Water

Moss Agate In Water

Yes! Moss Agate can be soaked in water without damaging it because it's not water soluble.

However, there are two notable exceptions to our claim that Moss Agate is totally safe in water.

  1. Tap Water

Odds are your tap water is just water. It probably comes with a free bonus of limestone.

This is almost certainly the case if you live in the Mid-west.

If you have class doors to your shower you'll know this stuff makes things look dull.

It's just a thin layer of white that makes everything look like shiny.

While it actually do any damage to your Moss Agate, it will -- and this is completely scientific -- make your crystal dirty and sad.

Relax! The white chalky layer can be easily removed by wiping gently with distilled water.

The other type of water to avoid is super acidic water.

Acidic Water

Realistically, are you going to accidently soak your crystal in acid?

Most people aren't.

And I say most people because there are some interesting ones out there.

We've been asked about soaking stones in everything from soy sauce to toilet bowl cleaner.

Oh. And both of those are a hard no by the way.

It takes a really really strong acid to do anything to Moss Agate.

It easily passes the acid test for stones.

Weaker acids like lemon juice (which is perfect for cleaning!) won't hurt your Moss Agate at all.

Can you wash agate?

Yep, you can wash Moss Agate.


It won't get rid of the "moss" :)

That's there to stay. And hey, why would you want to get rid of it?

The mossy interior is the best part of this crystal! The designs are honestly so cool to look at.

How durable is Moss Agate?

Durability for us means two things:

  1. Will it scratch/break?
  2. Will it change color?

So let's answer both of those!

Does Moss Agate Break Easily?

Moss Agate Closeup

Moss Agate Closeup

This is a bit of a tricky questions because Moss Agate won't scratch or break easily because of impact.

It has a rather average 6.5-7 score on the Mohs scale of hardness, so nothing to worry about there.

However! Moss Agate is known to shatter.

It shatters because of sudden temp changes or extreme temperatures.

But you're not going into the desert! So this couldn't hurt your crystal right?


As we, unfortunately know from experience, leaving the crystal on your car dash can cause it to shatter.

Yeah, turns out the glass + sun = hot.

So keep your Moss Agate jewelry off your dash and keep it cool.

Will Moss Agate Fade?

There are some natural Agates that fade in sunlight.

Most stones that fade though are because they're dyed.

Dye will for sure fade in the sun over time, but seeing unnatural Moss Agate is pretty rare.

So as long as you have real Moss Agate than your're good to go! It won't fade!

Does Moss Agate have moss in it?

Another Moss Agate Closeup

Another Moss Agate Closeup

It sure does look like it doensn't it!

The mossy looking inside of Moss Agate are actually crystal inclusions.

These dark colored inclusions often look like branches, ferns, moss, or other just general vegetation.

The "vegetation" is mainly a combination of manganese, hematite, and iron oxides, both of are inorganic origin.

This is one of those rare cases where a AAA grade stone makes a difference.

Go look up "AAA Grade Moss Agate" and you'll see one of the most beautiful stones you've ever seen.

Will Water Make Moss Agate Change Color?

If only! If this thing changed color I might go bankrupt!

Whether it's sunshine or water, Moss Agate won't change color.

You could dye it, but that won't changed the inside inclusion colors. Just the outside.

Plus, adding color to the outside makes the inside harder to see.

Don't recommend it.

Where Can I learn about more crystals?

Pick me! Pick me! This is an easy one.

Just go your page that covers common crystal questions! Or pick an article from down below!

Fun facts about Moss Agate

Moss Agate Render

Moss Agate Render
  • Moss Agate has been around for centuries and has been used by many different cultures. The stone was first mentioned in Greek mythology, where it was said to be created when the goddess Athena shed a tear over the death of her friend Erichthonius.

  • Moss Agate was also popular in Europe during the Renaissance period, where it was often used in jewelry and other decorative items. No surprise that Moss Agate remains a popular choice for gemstones and crystals, and it continues to be associated with healing properties.

  • Moss Agate is a type of chalcedony, which is a type of quartz. It is an opaque stone that can be found in shades of green, white, and gray. Moss Agate gets its name from the moss-like inclusions that are often found in it. These inclusions are made up of minerals like iron oxide,manganese, and hematite.

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