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June 18, 2022

Why Do You Charge Crystals In The Sun?

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Sunlight has a very long history in the world of energy and crystals. In this article we break down why people put crystals in sunlight and how charging a crystal with sun works.

Can you charge your crystals in the Sun?

Judging by the messages we've got from visitors, many people seem to be a little confused about what it means to charge a crystal.

Some readers ask if it's the same thing as to cleanse a crystal, other worry whether it's worth doing at all.

Relax! We had these same questions starting out.

Let's tackle the easiest part first:

Cleansing and charging a crystal are two distinct things.

Cleansing In order to purify your crystals and remove all the negativity they carry then you'd need do a cleansing.

On the other hand, charging crystals is done to give crystals an extra boost of energy.

Putting energy into a stone is especially helpful for crystals that have been called on during an extensive healing session, involved in particular detrimental rituals, or lost energy warding off negative energies.

Usually, people choose to cleanse a crystal before charging it. Otherwise the charging process gets blocked up.

Trying to charge without cleansing is like taking a shower with gum in the shower head.

So what exactly does it mean to charge a crystal with sunlight?

Using sunlight to add energy to your crystals is basically helping weak stones regain and fortify their energies.

Not really too different from how sunlight on our skin makes us feel better.

Down below we'll explore the many different ways to charge your crystals.

But first, let's explore the relationship between crystals and our sun.

What Does Charging Your Crystals In Sun Do?

When you leave your crystal out to absorb sunlight you're charging it with a distinct kind of energy.

Sunlight is a much warmer (literally) light than other sources. This is why it's known to have inspire action.

The "color" of light you're working with is gold, and just like different crystal colors resonate with different chakras -- colors of light do too.

Charging your crystals with sunlight is particularly beneficial for garnering strength and independence.

Our sun's energy is that of yang -- the masculine energy.

The sun is considered masculine because it penetrates through the clouds. The light of the sun radiates outwards from space and into the earth. This light provides the conditions that are necessary for creating life.

The sun is also metaphorically male because of its 24-hour cycle, which echoes the 24-hour hormonal cycle in men. In the morning, testosterone is highest, waning in the afternoon, and lowest at night -- mirroring daylight.

Charging Crystals In Sun Vs Moon

I'm reluctant to flat out claim one is better than the other because it's like saying the color red is better than the color blue.

Both colors have their unique strengths and weaknesses, just like moonlight and sunlight both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The energy from moonlight is a lot more of a calming energy than sunlight.

For people with too much masculine energy, they need the feminine energy from the moon to help them relax and prevent them from rushing to make brash decisions.

Meanwhile, the energy from the sun is a strong and invigorating source. Inspiring those who come in contact with it to take actions and make change.

The yang to moonlight's yin.

Sunlight is perfect for people that need a strong push to get moving and are too hesitant to make decisions.

The bottom line is, that neither is better than the other. It simply comes down to which one a person needs to balance out their energy.

How Long Do You Charge Crystals In Sunlight?

Charging your crystals in sunlight couldn't be simpler...

As long as you've got some blue skies to work with!

To reap the most benefit out of the sun, you'll want a nice clear sky without clouds to work with. Sunlight does of course pass through clouds but straining it through a filter.

We want all the light.

I personally prefer to set my crystal collection up on the roof to soak up the sun, not everyone has that option

But you do, try it out!

Otherwise, placing crystals on an open window sill or the gross outside in direct sunlight are both solid options.

I like to leave mine out from early sunrise to just before sunset to get the most energy possible.

If you leave them through the night you risk mixing in moon energy which sort of cancels out with the sun energy.

What Time Of Day Do You Charge Crystals?

There are people who will tell you that high noon is the only time to use sunlight to charge your stones.


If you can full the sun, then your gemstones can be charged by sunlight.


When the sun at noon does provide the most energy. There's truth in that.

Every position that the sun is in will provide different amounts of energy.

It goes up all day until noon where it peaks, then it lowers until dusk where it reaches zero again.

That's why we prefer to set the crystals out all day, so they can absorb energy from every stage of the sun's journey.

Do Crystals Have To Be Charged In Direct Sunlight?

Can you still get a sunburn even on a cloudy day?


The sun's energy can pierce through the clouds, no sweat.

But the clouds do "slow" it down and weaken it a bit. That's why we suggest waiting for a clear day to get direct sunlight.

When you hear others say they put their crystals on their window sill, it usually means with the window open.

Because just like clouds, glass can also diffuse a bit of the sun's power.

Does this mean your stones won't get any energy if are inside on a cloudy day?

Of course they will still get some, but it won't nearly be the same as they would with direct sunlight.

Which Crystals Can Be Charged In Sun?

Even gemstones that are light-sensitive can be charged in sunlight.

But just because you can charge any crystal in sun doesn't mean that you should.

Light sensitive crystals should avoid staying in direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Luckily, crystals can be charged in other ways.

Some crystals resonate better moonlight and it won't have the same problems as sunlight due to the lack of UV rays.

Ocean Jasper, for example, charges better with ocean water than with sunlight.

Volcanic rock prefers the more suitable a dirt bath.

All of these crystals could be charged with sunlight, but the benefits might outweigh the costs.

Where Can I Find More Information?

We appreciate you asking!

We've got more information in our crystal guides, common questions section, or simply pick an article from down below!

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