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June 15, 2022

Magical Properties Of Salt

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Salt has a VERY long history in the world of medicine and healing. One of the pioneers of medicine, and the first to mention the medicinal benefits of salt, would no doubt attest to the magical properties of salt.

Does Salt Have The Same Properties As Crystal?

Despite salt looking like and being called crystal, it's actually a mineral.

While we cover the difference between minerals and crystals in all our articles that test if Selenite, Sodalite, or Larimar are crystals...

We'll skip the long explanation and just say that salt only has one ingredient so it's a mineral.

Personally, I don't think that being a mineral makes a substance any less energetic than a crystal.

But if you're somehow who only wants to work with crystals then I figured we'd give you a heads up.

We want to be honest with you, unlike crystals the majority of benefits you can get from salt will be physical benefits.

Not metaphysical.

But! We still wanted to provide you will a list of reported metaphysical benefits too.

The Quick List Of Magical Properties

  • Can be used to form Magic Circles
  • Can clean physical and non-physical wounds
  • Helps preserve food and soul
  • Purifies the mind
  • Creates a spiritual connection to the ocean
  • Strong grounding effect

What Does Salt Water Symbolize?

There are A LOT of different meanings behind salt water, and they are VERY different from each other.

Take for example the salt water symbolism found in the Jewish holiday of Passover.

When eating Karpas, a vegetable is dipped in salt water that represents the salty tears that the Jews shed in during their enslavement in Egypt.

Salt Water also has more metaphorical associations with life and death. Water is commonly represented as a spirit.

Because salt dissolves in water and can later precipitate out as new crystals, salt symbolizes both our body and its rebirth.

Just as it dissolves in water but later recrystallizes, salt represents the alchemical process of things being broken down into their individual elements, purified, and returned integrated to the whole.

Is It Good To Keep Salt In Your Room?

There are three reasons why someone might keep salt in their room.

  1. They have a popcorn and movie addiction. And hey, we get it. But as my teenage self can attest to -- turning your room into a kitchen is a bad idea.

  2. They want to keep out leprechauns and ghosts.

    Whether it's because I've watched too much Supernatural, or read too many fantasy books... Salt keeping evil spirits away seems to be a universally agreed upon thing.

  3. You want to keep your room's humidity under control. I'm going to do my best not to rant here... but no promises. One summer in Asia we wanted to get our house's humidity under control. Someone told us to just get a bunch of salt. Sounds pretty reasonable right? After all, salt has been used to preserve dry foods for years. No. Pounds and pounds of salt didn't help one bit. A small de-humidifier helped WAY more.

So, is it good to keep salt in your room? Well ... it's not gonna hurt anything. But it's not super useful unless you're practicing some ritual magic with a salt circle.

What Healing Properties Does Salt Have?

#1 It Provides A Bunch Of Micro Minerals

Because sea salt and high quality Himalayan salt isn't heavily processed, they still retain a lot of their micro-nutrients like potassium, iron, and calcium.

#2 Reduces Inflammation

A minimally processed salt will alkalize our body. This reduces inflammation and strengthens our bones since crucial minerals are not being pulled from our bones to help keep blood pH balanced.

Salt also reduces acid and acid reflux in general. Helping to create an electrolyte balance which leads to much less inflammation.

#3 Clears Dandruff

I've not seen this mentioned anywhere, but this was a HUGE help when I had "dandruff" aka Seborrheic dermatitis.

Mixing a couple pinches of salt + lots of blended garlic + shampoo really helped clean up my scalp.

Scientifically, I don't know how it worked but from a practical stand point it was nothing short of a miracle because Seb Derm is super hard to get rid of.

#4 Helps Relax Our Muscles

Now I love bubble baths as much as the next person, but have you ever experienced an Epsom salt bath??

It. feels. so. nice.

Technically, if you want to get nit pick then Epsom salt isn't really salt. But it's close enough.

There's a pretty good chance that once you get in a bath that you forget you're even in the tub.

It's no wonder that Epsom salt is such an important piece of the sensory deprivation tank experience.

#5 Un-stuffs Our Nose

Being sick is an interesting experience because one moment we're praying that our nose stops running, and the next moment we're praying for it to not be stuffed up.

Garlic can help it stop running, and salt will make sure that it STARTS running and you can breathe again.

There are two main ways we use salt for clearing our nose...

The first is a humidifier with lots of salt added. Which is pretty effective if you stay nearby.

The other is using a neti pot filled with warm salt water.

Does it feel good?

No. Not at all. It's not fun.

Does it work?


You will be able to breathe through your nose within just a few seconds.

If you've ever had a clogged nose the you know that the ability to clear it up definitely deserves a spot on the magical properties of salt list.

No, we do not.


We have A LOT of articles on crystals and their metaphysical properties.

And on their physical properties.

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And how to clean them.

Pretty much everything all common questions about crystals!

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