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May 09, 2022

Can Larimar Go In Water? - (AVOID DAMAGE)

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You might think that a stone with the nickname "Dolphin Stone" might love water and sunshine, but long term exposure to water can have harmful effects on Larimar.

Can Larimar Stone Get Wet?

There are two types of water that you might deem "bad" for Larimar.

Really acidic water can harm these Pectolite stones because the acid in the water dissolves a small amount of our sensitive crystal.

If the water you're putting the stone in has lots of limestone (the stuff that you see on your showerhead) then it too can be harmful to your Larimar.

Well, not all that harmful, since all the crust can be removed easily with a cloth.

Remember that salt water ≠ acid water!

Dolphin like the ocean, they don't like acid.

Yes, ocean water is VERY SALTY... and yes it tastes bad. But your crystal won't mind!

In fact, one of the best way to cleanse a Larimar is to give it a salt bath!

How to Cleanse Larimar

Dolphin stone + salt water = match made in heaven.

One step down from heaven is a salt "bath".

You can cleanse your Larimar by surrounding it with salt for 24hrs.

Wait 24hrs, then dig out your freshly cleansed Larimar stone!

Remember that if your stone has lots of cracks and salt happens to fall in... just give it a rinse with water. A quick rinse of water won't hurt your Dolphin Stone!

Will Water Make Larimar Change Color?

Unfortunately, water will not make Larimar change color. It would be pretty darn cool if it did though.

Like those old pencils that changed when you rub them.

Your Blue Pectolite can fade in sunlight though. So be careful.

These physical properties don't have any relation to barely getting a 4 on Mohs scale of hardness, the fact is water won't change crystalline structure.

Can You Wash Larimar?

While a vinegar bath is perfect for stones like Lepidolite, it will actually eat away at your Larimar.

There are also many types of soaps and detergents that can harm your stone.

But Larimar isn't so sensitive that it will completely dissolve in water like Fishtail Selenite can.

So when you want to clean your crystal, we prefer a dry cloth or some distilled water.

Having sensitive stones is the price we pay for this blue beauty's energy.

Charging Water with Larimar

You can charge water at home using crystal, as long as you use stones that are safe. You want to avoid any stones that dissolve or corrode in water, and stay clear of any that contain minerals unfit for human consumption.

There are also some methods for charging water with stones by placing them around a jar or on top of a water bottle lid rather than putting them in the water.

Larimar infused water benefits

Some people drink larimar-infused water just to improve their overall health and well-being. This kind of drink is often called a Larimar elixir.

They say Larimar naturally harmonizes our soul to new vibrations and raises our consciousness. Helping us effortlessly bring about a deeply meditative state through harmony.

There is no hardset rule that says you have to actually drink the water to help. You can always add the crystal elixir to your bath, or even use the water for your garden.

Infusing Larimar with water can help cleanse negative energy, and bring more positivity into your life.

Can you put soap on Lamimar crystals?

Um... if you want.

Most soap won't have any acidic ingrediants that hurt Laminar stones, in fact, soap can actually help.

Should Larimar stones avoid the rain?

While rain contains more acidic minerals than tap water, it's still pretty safe for Larimar! Don't get too caught up worry about the rain -- your stone will be fine!

Can Larimar go in salt water?

Yes! Larimar is often referred to as a "Dolphin Stone", true to it's name it can go in salt water. Although. it shouldn't be left in salt water for an extended period of time.

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