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May 31, 2022

Sleeping With Sugilite Under Pillows

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Selenite is one of the "love" crystals, so it only makes sense that sleeping with nearby will help love flow into your life. Sugilite is unique because it harmonizes with all chakras and helps answer life's biggest questions.

Can you put Sugilite under your pillow?

Of course you can! Putting a pretty gemstone under pillow can't do any harm.

Well if it can't do any harm... can it have any effect at all?


There are two reasons in my opinion why putting Sugilite under your pillow when you sleep can have positive results:

It's About Intention

My favorite example of intention is traffic lights.

When you drive to work, which do you notice more... the red lights? or the green lights?

The red lights of course!

But on average you get way more green lights than you do red lights, so what gives?

It's because you're intentionally looking for them. After all, not noticing them is pretty dangerous.

Same reason we notice bad stuff in general. Not noticing bad stuff could be dangerous.

Now the next time you drive to work, take not of all the green lights.

Yes, the red lights will still be noticing the green will get rid of the "negative" feelings of the red lights.

As it goes for traffic lights, so too does it go for love!

By believing in Sugilite bringing love into your life, you'll be sure to notice more love. Even if it was already there to begin with.

Sugilite has metaphysical properties

Is it really possible for crystals to effect us?

I break these down in depth down below.

For now, I'll just say that sure, it's possible crystals do have some mojo to them.

And why not?

Have you ever been in an old library or book store? They've got a special feeling.

The idea that everything is already figured out is bologna.

If believing in Sugilite's power helps, then it helps. Simple as that.

Let's talk about what Sugilite might be able to help with.

What happens if I sleep with Sugilite?


Sugilite is especially useful for those looking to discover more love in their life. Including those who have loved and lost before.

As I hinted at above, Sugilite encourages us to tackle the big questions of life:

  • "Who am I?"

  • "Why am I here?"

  • "Where did I come from?"

By answering these questions we are able to more easily understand ourselves. Once we understand ourselves, we can begin to love.

Only once we start to love ourselves can we truly notice the love others give us.


This gemstone is beneficial for those people who like they don't belong - like Earth is not their home.

That include those who suffer from paranoia and schizophrenia.

Our readers to us that it's useful for Autism, helping their children ground their soul more into the present reality, and overcome learning difficulties.


We have readers that use this particular stone as an exceptionally good pain reliever. Perhaps the Manganese in Sugilite helps clears headaches and discomfort.

Those will unsteady nerves keep it nearby to help steady and calm them.

Can I wear Sugilite to sleep?

Yes. You can wear Sugilite jewelry to sleep, but you shouldn't because your hair might get caught in your jewelry.

Especially necklaces and earrings!

But if you've got a Sugilite ring or anklet that you want to sleep with... then go for it!

I prefer putting it under our pillow, but to each their own!

How do you use Sugilite for sleep? 3 steps

Whether you're sleeping with Sugilite because you have faith in it's metaphysical powers, or simply because you know the power of intention -- these steps will work for you!

  1. Take your crystal and meditate with it for minute. Think about kinds of things you want to see more of throughout your day and push those thoughts into the stone.

  2. Place your crystal under your pillow. (Raw crystals might need a cloth wrap) If you have many crystals, you can make a sacred geometric shape.

  3. Once you wake up, take a moment to thank your crystals and remember your intention from the night before.

It's as easy as that!

How does Sugilite affect dreams?

The energy from gemstones and crystals are thought to influence us at the subconcious level.

Which makes them perfect for shaping our dreams.

Keeping Sugilite nearby when you sleep will give the same benefits of wearing Sugilite, but on a much more pronounced level.

You can expect your dreams to be more "Big Picture" focused as they help you work through past tramas.

This is one of my go-to stones regardless of where my mind is at because thinking big picture has never steered me wrong.

How do you recharge Sugilite?

Normally this would be the part of the article where we tell you about how you can put Sugilite in salt for 24 hours.

Or bury it.

Or let is bask in the moonlight.

But because you're likely sleeping with the gemstone for a specific purpose, we recommend meditating with the crystal.

Meditation doesn't mean holding your crystal with your eyes closed for 5 hours.

Take a few moments to hold your crystal and imagine. Imagine what your life could look like.

Keeping imagining for until you feel full with a feeling, and push that feeling into the crystal.


Recharge your stone as often as you'd like, knowing you can always go back to that place of imagination and possibility.

What is Sugilite good for in the bedroom?

While this crystal is a love stone... we're gonna keep this answer family friendly.

Because I'm sure this question is referring to the best spots to put Sugilite right?


I like to use think of crystals as signal boosters.

If our stone is a love stone, then maybe it doesn't belong with your home workout equipment.

My favorite places to put Sugilite in the bedroom are:

  • On the bookshelf next to my totally not cliché romance novels.

  • In my closest where my most snuggy hoodies are.

  • On top of the dirt in my plant pots! (with all the other crystals)

If you think of a good spot then let us know and we'll update the list!

What crystals can you sleep with?

The bland answer: any of them.

The better: ones that match Sugilite's Charka.

We mentioned above that Sugilite resonates with all Charkas, which is true, but there are two that stand out.

The Throat Chakra and Crown Chakras are two that are more responsive to Sugilite as evidenced by it's purple color.

If you're looking to form geometric shapes under your pillow then we suggest pairing with these crystals:

  • Amethyst

  • Lepidolite

  • Purple Agate

  • Charoite

  • Purpurite

Where Can I Learn More?

That's an easy one! You can check out our Crystal Guides and our articles on other common crystal questions

Or check out our articles down below!

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