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May 11, 2022

Can Sugilite Go In Water? - (SAFE HEALING)

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You might think that a stone with a name similar to Sugar might pair great with water, but long term exposure to water can have harmful effects on Sugilite.

Can Sugilite Stone Get Wet?

Yes! Sugilite stone can be placed in water for an extended period of time and it won't damage the mineral.

However, there are two types of water that CAN be bad for Sugilite.

The only water that most people need to be wary of is regular tap water.


Because tap water usually has lots of limestone (the stuff that you see on your showerhead).

It won't directly hurt your Sugilite, but it will build up on the surface and dull your beautiful stone.

Don't worry though! Any buildup can be removed taken care of with a bit of cleaning.

The other water you'll want to avoid is really acidic water.

Acid can wear down a mineral's natural defences and cause damage.

Luckily, despite having a pretty average 6 on Mohs hardness scale, Sugilite is resistant to chemical damage.

This means that unless you leave the crystal in acid water for months and months, Sugilite won't be hurt from acid.

This is good news because our favorite way to make Sugilite shine involves vinegar!

How to Cleanse Sugilite

Sugilite is part of the Mica family, so we like to return it to the earth to cleanse it.

You can cleanse your Sugilite by buring it in dirt for 24hrs.

We HIGHLY recommend wrapping your stone in a cloth of some sort to prevent dirt from falling into the cracks.

After 24hrs, dig up your freshly cleansed Sugilite stone!

Will Water Make Sugilite Change Color?

Much to our dismay, water will not make Sugilite change color.

But be honest, would you be upset if it could?

That would be pretty darn cool.

These physical properties don't have any relation to it's LOW 2.5 rank on Mohs scale of hardness, the fact is that neither water not sun will change crystalline structure.

If a 6/10 sound's not so tough to you... it's!

Many of your other crystals will scratch this one!

Can You Wash Sugilite?

Some stones like Dolphin Stones can't handle soaps or acids.

But this beautiful gemstone loves bubble baths!

Despite it's average hardness exterior, this mineral not very sensitive to chemicals.

So neither raw nor tumbled Sugilite will be harmed by vinegar or lemon juice.

Follow these steps to give your purple Sugilite stones a vinegar bath:

  • Fill your favorite bowl with warm lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Let your stone relax in it's acid bath for 30 minutes.
  • Using a clean, soft toothbrush, gently brush the rock.
  • Rinse it well under warm water and leave it out to dry.

Vinegar can leave a smell, so don't forget to wash it with water!

Charging Water with Sugilite

Wanna hear some good news?

You can charge water at home using Sugilite.

But! Before you do!

You should make sure that this stone is safe first.

You should never charge water with any mineral that can dissolve or corrode, and don't use minerals unfit for human consumption.

Sugilite passes all the tests!

If you don't want to submerge your Sugilite you can also place the crystal around a glass or on top of a jar rather than directly in the water.

Sugilite Infused Water Benefits

Some people drink Sugilite-infused water in order to improve their overall well-being and health.

A Sugilite-infused drink is often called a Sugilite elixir.

But there is no mystical rule that says you actually have to drink the water... you can always use the crystal elixir with a bath, or pour the water on garden plants.

Infusing water with Sugilite can help bring more positivity into your life and cleanse negative energy.

Sugilite teaches us how to live from your truth and reminds our soul of its reasons for incarnating.

This stone helps us answer life's greatest questions:

  • "Why am I here?"
  • "Where did I come from?"
  • "Who am I?"
  • "What else do I need to understand?"

It's a useful companion for spiritual quests of all kinds.

How can you tell if sugilite is real?

Sugilite is a very expensive stone, so it's a common target for fakes.

The best way to test if Sugilite is real is to confirm it's not a resin fake.

We cover this method more deeply in our in-depth Sugilite guide.

Is sugilite fragile?

Sugilite is pretty "par for the course" as far as minerals go.

It's a 6 on Mohs scale of hardness, whcih is the average of crystals.

We wouldn't say it's fragile, but it's not particulary strong either.

Can I shower with Sugilite?

Um... sure. If you want to.

Since you now know that Sugilite is completely safe when wet, bringing it in the shower won't be a problem.

Probably be better suited to be near by during a bubble bath though.

Can you take Sugilite in the rain?

While rain can be pretty acidic for some stones, it's still safe for Sugilite!

Don't worry about the rain too much, your Sugilite jewelry is safe in the rain. Sugilite is resistant to chemical reactions.

Can Sugilite go in the sun?

It can! Sugilite won't fade in sunlight so feel free to show of your Sugilite jewelry in the summer!

I want the chakras / healing properties / jewelry / cost / full report on this crystal!

Wow! We love that you're interested in learning more about Sugilite!

Check out our crystal facts page for more information about it and other crystals.

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