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May 18, 2022

Is Rose Quartz A Crystal? - The Pink Love Gemstone

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You might think Rose Quartz is a crystal because it's always included in beginner crystal sets. That's because Rose Quartz is a crystal! But why is it a crystal and not a mineral?

What's The Difference Between a Crystal And a Mineral?

Seperating a crystal from a mineral can be pretty confusing if you've never done it before. Let's fix that!

The difference between the two is actually quite simple.

A natural crystal will have molecular structure that incorporates multiple natural materials, while a mineral is material with one single compound. Not a mix of materials.

So knowing how to classify the two materials, do you think Rose Quartz is a crystal?

What Is Rose Quartz Classified As?

Rose quartz is technically a crystal and not a mineral because it contains trace amounts of manganese, titanium, or iron. The presence of these other minerals is what gives the Quartz it's pink hue.

In simple terms, the Quartz family can be split into two different classifications.

The first is "Macrocrystalline Quartz" and the second is "Cryptocrystalline Quartz".

Rose quartz belongs to the first category - Macrocrystalline Quartz.

This group includes most of the transparent and translucent stones.

- Amethyst Crystal

- Citrine

- Tiger's Eye

- Milky Quartz

- Rose Quartz

These stones tend to form as big crystals, which is why finding Rose Quartz bracelets and obelisk is so easy.

What Is Rose Quartz Crystal Used For?

Quartz has a long history of being used as a high-quality resonator.

But the average person probably won't be using Quartz to help build LCD TVs any time soon.

If you DO want to make your own TV... then you can follow this guide on building a liquid crystal display.

For most people though, the metaphysical uses of Rose-Quartz is of much more relevance - so let's tackle that!

How To Use Rose Quartz

The easiest way to reap the benefits of Rose-Quartz is by keeping it close to you.

Where you put the crystal does actually make a difference.

Wearing Rose Quartz

Figuring the best spot to wear Rose Quartz is easy, just gotta know which Chakras this crystal resonates with.

We cover this more in our in-depth Rose Quartz guide, but for now just know that it favors the Heart Chakra.

The pink color of the crystal is no coincidence!

Infuse Water With Pink Quartz

Many of our readers use crystal-infused water simply to help their overall health and well-being.

This kind of infused drink is often referred to as a Rose-Quartz elixir.

Rose Quartz is particularly powerful with all that relates to the Heart Chakra. It can help keep us calm during stressful times, and promotes our effort to forgiveness.

What Is The Difference Between Rose-Quartz and Crystal?

The difference between quartz and crystal is the same as between minerals and crystal.

One is a solid composed of materials that are distinct from eachother, while the other only contains a single "ingrediant".

Rose Quartz is about as close to "mineral" as you can get for a crystal. It's 99%+ the same mineral - silicon dioxide.

The trace bits of metal are the only reason this stone is a crystal and not a mineral.

Rose Quartz Interesting Facts

Rose Quartz Texture

Igneous rocks have lots of different textures. Quartz in particular is described as "Aphanitic".

This kind of texture is identified because it has a super fine grain that mandates a microscope to see the stone's crystals.

I know "fine grain" doesn't sound like Quartz, but that's because you're thinking of polished / tumbled Quartz.

Raw Rose Quartz has a slightly sandpaper feel to it.

Give us the healing properties / chakra / jewelry / cost per size / full report on this crystal!

Oh wowie! It's great you're so interested in Rose Quartz, then you should check out our crystal facts page for more info.

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