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July 03, 2022

Sleeping With Rose Quartz Under Pillow

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Rose quartz is a gentle stone that opens the door to unconditional love within your life. Yes, you can sleep with rose quartz, and doing so may be very beneficial.

Is It Safe to Sleep With Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz has a very soft energy that can help relieve many different imbalances.

There is only one stone known for healing relationships with your mother, and that's this one.

Do you have a difficult relationship with your mother?

Are you a mother and have a difficult relationship with your child?

Sleeping with rose quartz crystal can help heal the energy in your home.

Keeping rose quartz in your bedroom is also great for relationship issues.

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping With Rose Quartz?

Sleeping with rose quartz under your pillow creates a close connection to your mind.

The energy of rose quartz crystal is clear, loving, and warm. If you're struggling with anger, this crystal will help you release these emotions while you sleep.

Needing some love in your life? Rose quartz under your pillow can help you find love by attuning your energy to the frequency of this emotion.

You'll notice your dreams become driven by this beautiful crystal.

Let's take a look at how rose quartz can help the different aspects of your being.


If you struggle with love and opening up to others, you may have an emotional block somewhere.

Rose quartz allows these blocks to dissolve away and help you become more open emotionally.

Rose quartz helps find answers to the questions:

"How can I find love for others?"

"How can I find love for myself?"

"What is blocking me from love in my life?"


On a spiritual level, rose quartz helps you become aligned with the universe.

The universe operates on unconditional love, and rose quartz helps bring this into your life.

When you view life through the lens of unconditional love, your life becomes more spiritual.


Physical ailments can be a result of repressed emotions.

Rose quartz helps by ridding your body of these emotions. This stone also helps bring a flow of energy back into your body which can relieve pain and other discomforts.

Where Should You Place Rose Quartz When Sleeping?

Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra, which is located at the center of your chest.

You can sleep with a piece of tumbled rose quartz under your shirt, resting on your chest. You can also tape a piece of this spiritual stone over your shirt, so it stays in place.

If you have a rose quartz pendant, you can also wear it as a necklace and rest it against your chest while you sleep.

Doing so will help balance your heart chakra and open you up to unconditional love.

Sleeping with rose quartz crystal under your pillow can also help remove negative or low-frequency thoughts from your mind.

The loving energy of the stone will transmute these thoughts, much like sage clears out negative energy within a room.

Three-Step Ritual for Placing Crystals Under Your Pillow

Whether you want to use rose quartz to find self-love, heal your relationship with your mother, or help relieve any stagnation within your body, placing rose quartz under your pillow can be very beneficial. Here's how:

  • Find a piece of rose quartz that's not too big or too small. A softer piece, such as a tumbled stone, is always the better option when you are sleeping with this crystal because a raw cut can be very sharp.

  • It's important to cleanse rose quartz before putting it under your pillow. You can cleanse this crystal by cleansing it with sage or palo santo, putting it in white salt, or leaving it under the sun or moonlight.

  • Charging a crystal is setting an intention within it. Your intention is what you desire the crystal to help you with.

How Does Rose Quartz Affect Dreams?

If you struggle with nightmares, rose quartz is a beautiful crystal to help ease these dreams.

Quartz is a high-frequency crystal and acts by healing the energy of its surrounding. Nightmares or bad dreams are negative energy, which rose quartz will help remove.

If you're looking for love, rose quartz can help you feel a sense of that love within your dreams which makes it easier for you to feel it in your waking life.

Can You Put Rose Quartz in Bedroom?

Yes! You can put rose quartz in the bedroom. Doing so is helpful in keeping your space free of negative energy and keeping your space clear.

Rose quartz in the bedroom can help create a stronger bond between you and your partner because it will allow you both to open your hearts toward each other.

Energetic cleansing is just as important as cleaning your linen. After you've washed your linen, set a piece of rose quartz on your bed to charge it will love and acceptance.

What Crystals Should Not Be In Your Room?

While most crystals can be placed in your room, there are a few that may not be beneficial energetically.

Rose quartz is great because it's associated with your higher chakras, which can help bring peace and serenity to you while you sleep.

There are other stones associated with certain chakras that may not be best to keep near your bed as they may be too stimulating. Here are a few:

  • Moldavite

  • Citrine

  • Bumblebee jasper

  • Yellow Topaz

  • Golden Mookaite

Where Can I Learn More?

Using rose quartz can bring love and compassion into your life. There are many other stones for love and connection!

For more crystal knowledge, check out our Crystal Guides and our articles on other common crystal questions.

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