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May 18, 2022

Can Rhyolite Go In Water? (Properties Explained)

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You might think that a stone that comes from active volcanoes won't be weak to water, but the answer might be different than you think!

Does Rhyolite dissolve in water?

Rhyolite does not dissolve in water. In fact, it's very common to place Rhyolite in water for fishtanks.

We will add a small caveat though...

If you're going to leave your stone submerged in water for 1,000,000 years then it will dissolve.

Water dissolves everything, it's just a question of time.

But not dissolving isn't the same as saying water won't hurt this mineral.

Can Rhyolite Stone Get Wet?

Yes! Clean water won't have ANY effect on the mineral Rhyolite.

Although, the raw stone is poreous so it might take awhile to dry.

While clean water is fine, there are types of water that aren't good for Rhyolite.

We've narrowed it down to two types of water that you should keep your rock away from.

Thankfully it's not common, but you should still avoid soaking your rock in really acidic water.

Rhyolite does pass the acid test, but that doesn't mean it's invincible.

Acidic water will wear down your mineral MUCH FASTER than water will.

The only water we ever actually make an effort to avoid is hard tap water.

Depending on where you live, your tap water may have lots of limestone.

(the stuff that cakes up your showerhead).

Limestone isn't harmful to your Rhyolite, but it might add a few extra ugly layers to the surface.

If you DO get a bunch of limestone on your mineral, don't worry.

Despite being of an average hardness (6) according to Mohs scale of hardness, this mineral doesn't care about acid like we mentioned earily.

So you can use vinegar!

We cover how to clean the rock more on our Rhyolite page.

Charging Water with Rhyolite

Easy peasy~ Using Rhyolite to charge at home is super easy!


You have to make sure that this particular stone is safe first. We should always avoid any mineral that can dissolve or corrode in water.

Being extra careful to stay clear of any minerals unfit for human consumption.

Lucky for us, Rhyolite is fine to place in water because it won't break down in water.

The good news is that you can also use other methods to charge your water at home.

You can charge water with stones by placing them on the outside a jar, or on the top of lid rather than putting the stone directly in the water.

Is Rhyolite a crystal?

It looks like a mineral...

It feels like a mineral...

But it's actually a crystal!

Telling the difference between a crystal and a mineral can be a bit confusing if you've never done it before, but it's actually really simple.

A crystal will have a structure made up of multiple natural materials, but a mineral is itself a material. Not a combination.

Which means diamonds are actually a mineral!

But for those of us with rings... we're gonna keep calling it a crystal.

Is Rhyolite a type of quartz?

Rhyolite is not a type of quartz, but it's composition is made up of 20% - 60% quartz material.

This granite magma is also comprised of a material called K–feldspar and the mineral biotite.

What properties does Rhyolite have?

In the metaphysical sense, Rhyolite sparks the potential and creativity of the soul.

The crystal encourages change without forcing it, aids in fulfilling quests, and births Knowing from a soul level.

Those familiar with the stone say it can access karmic wisdom.

Strengthening mind, body, and soul helps us reach our full potential.

Rhyolite texture

Igneous rocks have many different types of textures. This stone in particular is described as "Aphanitic".

This texture is distinct because it has a very fine grain that requires a microscope to see any crystals.

You may not think of "fine grain" when you think of Rhyolite because of it's poreous exterior, but you should note it's not as "crystally" as other crystals.

Aphanitic properties come from magma lava that's erupted at the Earth's surface cools down too fast for visible crystals to grow. Since this crystal has this texture because it comes from magma.

How To Cleanse Rhyolite Crystals

Rhyolite is volcanic in orgin, so we feel it's only fitting to put it back in the earth to cleanse it.

Please note, throwing Rhyolite directly into a volcano WILL destroy it.

You can cleanse your Raw Rhyolite by burying it in the ground outside for 24hrs.

Remember that this rock is very poreous, so you'll want to wrap it up to keep it clean.

We like to wrap the stone in a bit of cloth to stop dirt from falling into the holes.

After waiting 24 hours, just remember to dig up your freshly cleansed rock!

Rhyolite Color

All Rhyolites have that Aphanitic texture we covered about, but their colors will vary.

You'll see stones that gray, light green, red, black, white, all the way to light-pink.

The different colors are a result of the lava flow that made the crystal. d

I want the healing properties / chakras / jewelry / cost / full report on this crystal!

Golly! If you're really that interested in Rhyolite meaning then you should check out our crystal facts page for more information.

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