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June 21, 2022

Hexagonal Crystal Meaning - Healing Properties

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What makes a hexagonal crystal so special? Well, they're the physical embodiment of protection and balance. The proof for that can be found in nature...

What's special about the hexagonal shape?

I promise not to let my engineer side gush for too long... but hexagons are so freaking cool!

Did you know hexagons are the strongest shape in the world?!?

So. cool.

N listen, if you want to skip the nerdy part and go straight for the healing properties of hexagonal crystals -- I understand.

Just scroll down a little bit!

Otherwise, let me ask you a question...

What's wrong with a case of soda?

No. It's not the sugar. A case a sparking water has the same mysterious problem.

The wasted space!

You put four cans together and there's this strange shaped hole in the middle.

Can't have that! We need a shape that take up the most space possible while not having any weak spots...

Yep! A hexagon!

Ever notice how bee hives use the hexagon shape?

That's not because they were inspired by Honeycomb cereal, it's the most effecient use a space possible.

With its structure of 120-degree angles, surface tension is evenly applied in each direction making it very mechanically stable.

So if we're making a crystal grid for meditation, or looking for a crystal that can provide strength and balance, what shape should we look for?


What are hexagonal crystals used for?

Have you ever heard the quote “As above, so below; as below, so above”?

Although the scale we're working with today is quite small, I still think it fits.

There are generally two uses hexagonal shapes when working with crystals.

  1. Crystal grids
  2. Cut Crystals

We're gonna be taking a look at both of these uses in this section.

Starting with...

Hexagonal Crystal Grids

Hexagonal crystal grids are used for protection and cleansing healing properties.

The hexagon shape is a symbol of strength (as we covered in the intro), protection, and the balancing of opposing forces.

The shape of a hexagon is essentially the combination of one triangle, and another upside triangle with their points connected.

Bit like a connect-the-dots situation.

One triangle draws energies down, while the other triangle clears and grounds wild energy.

For the crystals that are positioned on the "upper" triangle we recommend stones with: high-vibration, warmth, abundance.

For the crystals that are positioned on the "donward" triangle we recommend stones with: grounding, protective, cleansing crystals.

By placing complimentary crystals in a balanced structure you are welcoming and creating balance in your spirit.

But Isn't The Hexagon An Evil Shape?

First of, it's wild that any shape can be considered evil. It's just a shape.

Do the people who say hexagon is used for devil worship scream when they see a stop sign?

Anyways... no, it's not an evil shape.

In fact it's one of the most "holiest" shapes as it's the same shape as the Fruit of Life

Fruit Of Life

Starbrary Quartz Upclose

This isn't even just part of a single religion either.

The "13" circle of the Fruit of Life are seen throughout many ancient cultures as 12 around 1:

  • Jesus Christ and the 12 disciples
  • 12 stations of life in the wheel of dharma (13 is the centre)
  • 12 tribes of Israel, disciples of God
  • 12 signs of the zodiac around the sun
  • 12 Imams follow Muhammad
  • King Arthur and the 12 knights of the round table
  • 12 tribes of Israel, disciples of God

Bottom line: neither the 2d, nor 3d shape of a hexagon is bad or dangerous in any way.

Hexagonally Cut Crystals

Much in the same way that a hexagonal crystal grid encourages balance and protection, so too do hexagonally cut crystals.

You probably know that the properties of a crystal oblisk and crystal palm stone are different.

That's because of their physical shape.

So a hexagon shape will have different healing properties too!

As above (crystal grid), so below (crystal shape).

While you could take a stone that is normally meant for strength or power and give it a hexagon shape, you'd be cutting of its strength to try to build a weakness.

Instead, we recommend that you work with crystals that are naturally inclined towards balance and grounding already.

In this way, we're working WITH nature -- not against it.

What minerals have hexagonal crystals?

Once again we return to the idea that what is above mimic that which is below.

There are minerals and crystals that naturally form in a hexagonal structure!

When trying to find a complete list, the number is over 100 different types with this structure.

But we didn't recognize 90% of the minerals on that list... and we're pretty into crystals!

The ones you might know would be:

  • Graphite
  • Oregonite
  • Zincite.

What is example of hexagonal crystal?

The list of crystals that have a hexagonal structure is even shorter!

These are the few you might know:

  • Apatite
  • Aquamarine
  • Emerald
  • Quartz

Now, saying "Quartz" is a bit of a cop-out since there are SO MANY types of Quartz, but we also didn't want to just out a huge list of crystals in front of your face.

Where Can I Learn More About Crystal Shapes?

Well, we just so happen have an article on crystal shapes!

So please check that out.

Or, simply browse our recent articles for more explanations of crystal properties!

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