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June 15, 2022

Why Do You Put Crystals in the Moonlight?

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Moonlight has an extensive history in the world of crystals and energy. In this article we break down why people put crystals in moonlight and how charging a crystal works.

What Does Charging Your Crystals Under The Moonlight Mean?

Based on the messages we've got, many readers seem to be a bit confused about what charging crystals means.

Some ask if it's the same as cleansing, others ask if it's worth doing.

Don't panic, we had the same questions when we first started out.

Let's start with the simplest part first:

Charging and cleansing a crystal are two different things.

Cleansing is done to purify your crystals and remove any negativity they picked up before you had them.

While charging crystals used to give the gemstones a boost of energy.

Adding energy into a crystal is especiall helpful after stones have been used in a very difficult healing session, exposed to particular detrimental rituals, or have been worn down by negative energies.

Typically, people will cleanse a crystal first and then charge it.

Charging without cleansing is like trying to use a shower that's blocked up with calcium.

So what exactly does it mean to charge crystals with moonlight?

Using moonlight to charge your crystals is essentially helping the depleted ones regain and boost their energies.

Not so different than how we feel better with a bit of sunlight when we're sick.

There are several ways to charge crystals which we'll discuss down below.

First, let's talk about what how in the world crystals and moons are related.

Is It Good To Put Your Crystals In The Moonlight?

When you put let your crystal soak up moonlight you're charging it with a specific kind of energy.

Moonlight is a much cooler (literally) light than other sources, which is why it's attributed as having a calming energy.

The "color" of light you're dealing with is silver, and just as different colors resonate with different chakras -- so too do colors of light.

Charging your crystals with moonlight is particularly beneficial for emotional and mental healing.

Our moon's energy is that of yin -- the feminine energy.

This energy helps enhance qualities like acceptance, equanimity, and surrender.

Is It Better To Charge Crystals In Sunlight Or Moonlight?

I'm hesitant to say one is better than the other because it's like asking "which is better, the color yellow or the color green?"

They both have their benefits, just like sunlight and moonlight both have their own benefits.

The energy from sunlight is much more of an invigorating source. Inspiring you to get up and make changes.

Sunlight energy is great for those who need more of a push to get started and struggle making decisions.

Whereas moonlight is much more calming energy that balances out sunlight.

The yin to sunlight's yang.

Some people are too quick to make decision and need to relax, for these kinds of people moonlight is especially helpful.

It all depends on what kind of energy you need in your life.

How Do You Recharge Crystals In Moonlight?

Recharging your crystals in moonlight couldn't be easier...

As long as the weather is on your side!

To get the most out of the moon you'll want to find a clear night to work with. Moonlight does pass through clouds but it's like watching a movie through sheet.

I personally like to get my crystals up to the rooftop, but I know not everyone has access to a roof.

If you do, go for it!

Otherwise, you can place your crystals on a window sill or on the ground outside in direct moonlight.

I like to leave mine for a few hours before bringing them in.

If you leave them over night you risk them soaking up some sunlight which makes for a strange combination of energies that cancel each other out a bit.

What Moon Phase Do You Charge Crystals?

Some people are going to tell you that you can only charge crystals during a full moon.


If you can see the moon, then your crystals can be charged by moonlight.


A full moon does offer the most energy.

Each phase of the moon's cycle will provide a different amount of energy with one exception.

A new moon.

An absolutely new moon won't have any moonlight to give you so it's not worth putting your crystals out to charge.

Otherwise, ever a quarter moon offers some amount of energy for your crystals to soak up.

The general rule of them is that a quarter moon charges 1/4 the amount that a full moon would.

So if you want to same amount of energy you'd need to charge for 4x the amount of time, requiring multiple days in a row.

Do Crystals Have To Be Charged In Direct Moonlight?

If the oceans have been clouded over for months, does the water still create tides?


The moon's energy can go through the clouds, no problem at all.

But it does get weakened. That's why we suggest trying to get direct moonlight.

When you hear people say they put their stone on the window sill, they usually mean with the window open.

Because just like clouds, glass will also diffuse a bit of the moon's power.

Does this mean your crystals won't get any charge if are inside on a cold winter's day?

Of course not, but the charge will be weaker.

Which Crystals Cannot Be Charged In Moonlight

Even crystals that are light sensitive can be placed in moonlight.

Moonlight doesn't have the same UV rays that break down crystal's color.

But just because you can charge any stone in moonlight doesn't mean you should.

What does that mean?

Well, some crystals resonate better with other charging methods.

For example, Ocean Jasper charges better with ocean water.

Volcanic rock charges better when put in a dirt bath.

And bright crystals should be charged with sunlight.

All of these gemstones could be charged with moonlight, but the benefits isn't as great as when charged using their more natural method.

Where Can I Find More Information?

Hey, thanks for asking! :)

You can find more information in our crystal guides, common questions section, or simply read one of the articles down below!

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