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June 02, 2022

Why Do Crystals Crack?

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Despite being rock hard, crystals can break. It's actually pretty common for crystals to break / splinter / or crack when used regularly. Although it can feel bad when your favorite stone breaks, the reason behind it happening is pretty neat.

Is It Normal For A Crystal To Break?

It is not normal for crystals to break. It's a sign something is wrong.

Now, what is wrong is the important question we need to answer because it could be a few different things.

A crystal breaking requires significant force, so it's occurrence should not be dismissed.

Let's explore why your crystal might have cracked...

What Does It Mean If Your Crystal Breaks?

There are pretty much three general ways of interpreting what a crystal breaking means.

The most common spiritual reason is that you no longer need the energy from that crystal in your life.

You've taken a step forward

It's essentially a signal that you've move past the point in your journey that the crystal was helping you with...

The stone was brought in to your journey (born), it helped guide you on your bath (life), and now it's reached its destination (death).

Despite being "inanimate" objects, we do feel that crystals have a life aura too them. Which is why you can't melt crystals and have them reform. Their structure is their life.

Typically when you work with crystals you'll select one based on what you want to target.

Each crystals targets different chakras and different helps attract different qualities into your life.

Aqua Aura Quartz ,for example, resonates with the Throat chakra and helps clear the spirit body of negative energies.

Whereas Bloodstone targets the Root and Heart chakras and has much different metaphysical properties.

If you're after a particular feeling, give it search in our searchbar because we'll probably have an article for it!

The second idea around cracked or broken crystals is to encourage you to seek a deeper message or meaning.

You need to go further

Your crystal breaking is a great time to some reflection on your relationship to the crystal.

  • Ask yourself if the intention you set is aligned with your higher self.

  • Could you have overcharged it?

While overcharging a crystal is a topic for another article, just know that you'll be able to tell know the why behind your crystal breaking once you sit with it for a moment and reflect.

Do you feel yourself PULLING towards it? If so, that's a sign you're still relying on it.

The way the crystal crumbles

Listen I'm a HUGE fan of synchronicity, but sometimes things simply happen because of our choices.

If your crystal cracked because you dropped it, banged it on a railing, or tried using it as a nail...

I personally don't think there is any higher meaning to this.

The meaning is that you've gotta be more careful with crystals.

Although, if this happens often it could be a sign that you are ungrounded and need work with your Root chakra.

Please keep your crystals off the dash

There are plenty of crystals like Dravite that with crack or even shatter when exposed to high heat.

And your car's windshield + the sun = high heat.

So please, don't set your crystals on the dashboard. There are better ways to charge your crystal with Sunlight.

What To Do With A Broken Crystal

Let's see if we can repair before we replace. Crystals do not completely lose their healing properties from being cracked.

If your crystal broke into two seperate pieces, consider gifting one half to a friend. It may be a sign you two need a deeper connection.

Otherwise here are some options on what to do with a broken crystal:

  • If the crystal is chipped, consider sanding it smooth with sandpaper a little bit of love

  • Consider keeping the broken crystal as two different crystals

  • Add the crystals to your garden or flowering pots to give your plants some love

  • Fill up a glass jar with the broken pieces and place it near your window for a colorful effect on your walls

  • Gather broken pieces and create a crystal dream catcher

  • Repurpose the crystal for jewelry where the damaged part is hidden

Can You Still Use A Broken Crystal?

As you can tell from above there are certainly still ways to use a "broken" crystal.

Especially since most crystals ARE broke crystals.

Most crystals in your collection have probably come from a bigger piece that was broken up do to it's shape or during the mining process.

No need to judge your crystal because it is not ‘perfect’ in your eyes. A "Warrior" crystal is a crystal point that is covered in chips and damage but is still a highly protective crystal.

While we like to through pieces into a tumbler and re-use them as jewelry, whatever you decide to do with your crystal is great.

We just don't want you giving up on it because it broke.

Why Do I Keep Dropping My Crystals?

Alright, I saved this one for last because it's a bit on the funny side.

Oddly enough some people are habitual crystal droppers.

That's not because they have some kind of special clumsy gene, but it's because their Root chakra is out of balance.

The Root chakra is responible for keeping us grounded, centered, and balanced.

By giving care to our Root chakra we can stop dropping crystals... and everything else.

To learn more about the balancing the Root Chakra, check out our article.

Otherwise, browser the site or explore another article down below!

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