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May 31, 2022

Is Tiger's Eye Safe In Water? - Tigers Eye vs Water

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At room temperatures Tiger's Eye is practically insoluble in water. It won't dissolve, but long term exposure to water can have harmful effects on Tiger's Eye

Is it okay for tigers eye to get wet?

Yes! Clean water won't have ANY damaging effect on your Tiger's Eye mineral.

Although natural water is fine, there are two types of water that can mess with Tiger's Eye.

The first type isn't one you would normally run into:

Acid Water

Luckily Tiger's Eye does pass the acid test, but that doesn't mean totally unaffected.

Acidic water will wear down your mineral MUCH FASTER than water will.

Hard to imagine accidentally putting your stone in really strong acid, but hey, be careful anyways.

Tap Water

The only water we ever actually make an effort to avoid is hard tap water.

Depending on where you live, the water from your kitchen sink might come with lots of limestone.

(the white mineral that forms on your showerhead).

Limestone isn't directly harmful to your Tiger's Eye, but it might add an ugly white layer to the exterior

If you DO get a bunch of it on your stone, don't worry.

Although this stone only has an average hardness (6.5 - 7) on the Mohs scale of hardness, it won't care about a little bit of acid.

So you can use our favorite cleaning method -- vinegar!

We cover how to clean the rock more on our Tiger's Eye page.

Does Tiger's Eye dissolve in water?

Tiger's Eye does not react with water. In fact, you'll frequently see Tiger's Eye in fancy fish tanks!

Although it doesn't react to water, if the stone stays in water for 10,000,000 years then it will suffer some damage.

Luckily, that's not a problem for us!

Water dissolves everything, it's just a question of time.

But not dissolving isn't the same as saying water won't hurt this mineral.

Is Tiger's Eye sunlight safe?

I like wearing my bracelet out in the sun, so I'm guessing you might have some Tiger's Eye jewelry too.

Don't worry! The sun is our friend.

Tiger's Eye will not fade in sunlight like some other agates will.

You can wear your crystal jewelry out in the sun without worry!

Is raw Tigers eye safe?

This is something we discuss more in our "Is Tiger's Eye Toxic?" article, but we'll provide a quick answer here as well.

Raw Tiger's Eye is completely safe to the touch and non-toxic.

So no need to worry as long as you're not trying to eat it.

Please do not try to eat it.

Where should I put my tigers eye in my house?

In our article on "Sleeping With Tiger's Eye" we cover our favorite spots to put this stone.

The quick summary of that article would be: put it anywhere that you would like extra protection.

We put it next to our key holder, our shoes, and pillow.

But it really comes down to personal preference!

How to Cleanse Tiger's Eye

Although I personally love salt because of my love for cooking, Tiger's Eye benefits more from a dirt bath.

You can cleanse your Tigers Eye by burying it in the ground for 24hrs.

After 24hrs, dig out your freshly cleansed stone!

Remember, if you are working with Raw Tiger's Eye that has lots of cracks and salt falls in there... just give it a rinse with water! Water won't hurt your stone!

How to Clean This Stone

While a vinegar bath can hurt some stones like Dolphin Stone, it won't hurt your Tiger's Eye.

Plus, like we've covered above, this crystal won't dissolve in water like Fishtail Selenite will.

So when you want to clean your crystal, we suggest a vinegar bath if it's really dirty or just some filtered water and a cloth otherwise.

Charging Water

You can charge your water home using crystals, as long as the stones you use are safe in water and don’t dissolve, corrode, or contain any minerals that aren't suitable for human consumption.

Ding ding ding, that's Tiger's Eye!

Plus, there are ways to charge water with crystals by placing them around a jar or on top of a water bottle lid rather than inside the water.

Tiger's Eye infused water benefits

We have some readers that drink crystal-infused water simply to improve their over-all health and well-being.

They usually call this kind of drink a crystal elixir.

Tiger's Eye helps improve self-worth, self-criticism, and free up blocked creativity. It aids in recognizing one's talents and abilities and, conversely, faults that need to be overcome.

Some people don't want to drink water with rocks in there -- fair enough.

You don't have to actually drink the water to get the benefits, although it helps. Adding the crystal elixir to your bath, or garden are both solid options.

I want to learn more about this crystal!

WOO! We're happy that you're so interested in Tiger's Eye. Come check out our crystal facts page for more info on this crystal and many more!

Or check out popular articles down below.

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