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June 11, 2022

Can Zebra Jasper Go In Water?

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Zebra Jasper can go in water for years without breaking down in any noticeable way. But, there can be calcium buildup if the crystal is under water for a long time.

Can Zebra Jasper Be In Water?

While we gave the answer in the first sentence of this article, we'll repeat it here just in case ya missed it.

Zebra-Jasper is perfectly safe in water and will not deteriorate.

Well... it's safe if we're talking about crystal clear mountain water.

There are two other, less ideal, types of water that you might should consider "harmful" to your Zebra Jasper.

Water with acid

Now we're not talking "special" drinks that you'd find at Coachella.

We mean water with a low pH -- like skorpion venom.

If water has lots of acid in it then your Zebra Jasper can be degraded a bit.

Jasper is actually pretty resistant to acid in general though, so it would take a REALLY strong acid to wear it down.

Given enough time though, even slightly acidic water will work it's magic on your crystal's exterior.

However.. you probably don't have a random vat of acid laying around to accidently put your crystal in.

If you do, be careful!

Otherwise, most people will be fine.

Unpurified water

This is the most common problem you'll run into when putting Zebra Jasper in water -- the water isn't clean enough.

It's not "dirty" per se, but if it's tap water then it probably has a bunch of limestone or calcium in it.

You know limestone? It's the white stuff the forms on your shower head.

If the water you're soaking a crystal in has a bunch of calcium or lime stone then your crystal will be left with a chalky white layer.

The layer won't hurt your gemstone directly though, it's just a bit ugly.

The layer can be cleaned off pretty easily with a towel or with a vinegar bath.

A vinegar bath?!

Yep! You can clean strong crystals with vinegar.

How to Clean Zebra Jasper Stone

A vinegar bath can actually hurt some stones like Larimar, but it's fine for almost all types of Quartz.

Wait. I thought we were talking about Jasper?

Weeeell, Jasper does technically belong to the Quartz family.

Which is why it has the same 6.5 - 7 score on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Since Zebra Jasper does not react to vinegar or water, cleaning it is super simple!

Bubble bath time!

Follow these easy steps to give your crystal a bath:

  • Fill your favorite bowl with warm water and soap.
  • Let your stone relax in its bubble bath for a few minutes.
  • Using a very soft bristle toothbrush, gently brush the rock.
  • Rinse the stone well under warm water, wipe it down so there's no limestone, and let it dry.

Bonus! Your crystal now smells great.

How to Cleanse Rose Quartz

Due to Zebra Jasper's unique black/white stripe pattern, it can benefit from a salt based cleaning or a dirt bath.

By placing the crystal in either the ground, or a pile a salt for 24hrs you can cleanse it and start with a new slate.


I actually prefer to light it absorb moonlight.

Since moonlight is silver, I feel that it provides energy to both the white and black parts of the stone.

If you decide to go with the more traditional method of a dirt bath, then you might want to wrap the stone up.

If your gemstone has lots of cracks and dirt falls in there... it can be a bit of a hassle to clean.

Will Water Make Zebra Jasper Change Color?

Personally, I think it would be amazing if it could... but Zebra Jasper does not change color in water.

If you have Raw Zebra Jasper then it will temporarily until it dries.

But that doesn't count right?

What Is Zebra Jasper Good For?

This is something we cover more in our in-depth Zebra Jasper guide, but we'll share the short version with you here too.

- Psychological Effects

This kind of stone is particularly attuned with alleviating environmental and geopathically caused stress.

It helps with deep meditation, centering, and recalling past lives to reveal hidden karmic causes.

Those practicing with this crystal say it improves vision at night, and helps astral travel.

- Mental Effects

This gemstone prevents you spiraling too far in either direction mentally because it's a grounding stone.

It's unlikely you'll hit bottom of your anxiety or depression with this stone is close by.

- Emotionally

Zebra Jasper crystals are used to eliminate apathy. They provide drive to see things finished and make sure problems get solved.

It's particularly helpwith depression and anxiety because of its grounding properties.

Staying grounded helps us live in the present and notice the little joys in life.

Is Zebra Stone The Same As Zebra Jasper?

Yep! Zebra Stone is just another name of Zebra Jasper.

Same thing, different name. Just like "Soda" & "Pop".

Stone Zebra on the other hand is a piece of art, and Jasper Zebra is probably the name of a friendly Zebra.

Rapid Fire Questions

Can you take Zebra Jasper into the shower?

Yes! Since you know that your stone is safe from water damage, taking it in the shower or for a bath won't be a problem!

How hard is zebra jasper?

We actually covered this above. This crystal is as hard as Quartz.

In practical terms, that makes it about as hard as a steel nail.

Of course, if you hit it with a hammer it will shatter because hardness is not the same as durable.

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